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VEX EDR Intro. Unpacking the set. What's included. Pro Preview

Unpacking the VEX EDR set and learning the names of the different parts included in the set

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  • 21 Feb 2017
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The robot is not constructed

When you unpack the sets it will not look like this. This is our constructions that we would share in the next couple of lessons.

The CORTEX controller

Can control the motors and receive inputs from the sensors.

The battery

Gives power to the 


We have only two motors in the set

Motors Drivers

We attache the motors to the drivers and the drivers to the controllers.

Metal parts

You can use them to actually construct the body of the robot. Tools are also included with the nuts and bolts.


We can send commands to the controller using the joystick. With it we have two network receivers to establish a network communication between the controller and the joystick


Sensors are for sensing the environment of the VEX EDR robot. You can attach them to the constructions and connect them to the Cortex controller.


We have a charger for the batteries for the joystick and smart charger for the power pack.

USB cable

With the cable we connect the controller to the computer and download the different programs that we develop.




In this video we'll look at what's included in the VEX EDR set and we'll learn some of the names of some of the parts so that we can later use them and we can refer to them.

Now when you unpack your set you won't have this robot constructed. We already have it because we experiment with it but when you unpack the set it won't be in this construction and in this situation. So, the set includes a few main parts. First, this part here is the cortex controller. And with the cortex controller we can control the motors so the outputs and we can also receive some inputs from the sensors. The cortex controller is the part that is running the program. We develop a program for this robot, we upload it on the cortex controller and then the cortex controller executes this program. So, we have the cortex controller. Then we need some power for this cortex controller and we have this power from the battery. When we have the battery we can attach this battery to the controller and this battery gives power to the controller. We also have a few motors in the set. These here are the motors. In my case on this construction we have only 2 motors but there are more motors in the set. We attach the motors not directly to the controller but we attach them to this motor controllers. Also sometimes referred as drivers. And as we have this motor controller we attach the motor controller to the cortex controller. So, it's not very difficult it's actually motor from the motor we go to the motor controller and from the motor controller we attach to the cortex controller. Next, as we have the motor controllers, the cortex controller and the motors and the battery we have a number of parts like these and like these. There are different parts available in the set with which we can make a different construction and different kind of robots from there. We have a number of wheels. We have a number of gears. We also have other parts in the set. We also have a bag of tools with some nuts and bolts and with these tools and the parts we build the robot. One of the main parts in the set is the joystick. This here is the joystick for the VEX EDR. And with this joystick we can send commands to the controller. The controller could be configured to receive commands from the joystick. And we also have these 2 net receivers. You can see them here. And the way we use them. We attach one of the receivers to the cortex controller. We attach the other receiver to the joystick. And them we have a wireless communication between the joystick and the cortex controller. And with the joystick if we have implemented a proper program we can control our robot. We can control the motors, we can control the power of the motors and it's all dependent on the program that we have uploaded on the cortex controller. But the joystick is really nice and in some of the competitions with VEX you are allowed to use the joystick and to control the motor from the joystick. In the set you also have a number of sensors. And with these sensors the robot can sense it's environment. Here we have a switch bumper sensor. We have also this line switch and one more line switch. And in your case they won't be attached to these constructions. We've attached them because we need them for the robot. But in the set somewhere you have these sensors. We also have other sensors. We have an ultrasonic sensor. And with this ultrasonic sensor we can detect the distance to an object which is very convenient in solving different challenges. And we also have 3 sensors that are called line following sensors. And it's interesting how they work. We'll stop at more details when we get to line following and to detecting lines with these sensors. But let's just leave it like this for now line following sensors, line tracking sensors actually. Last but not least we have the chargers. First, the joystick uses batteries and we have a charger for these batteries. This large blue part and we have the adaptor for the charger. So, this is for charging the batteries for the joystick. And we also have one more charger called The Smart Charger. And this Smart Charger is for the power pack. And we can use this smart charger to charge this battery. And we also have one cable. UBS cable - it's a standard USB cable and with this USB cable we can connect the cortex controller to the computer so that we can write programs and download these programs to the controller. That was as a short introduction to the set with the different names of the different parts that we'll be using in the course. And from here it's up to constructing them and using them. A short task for you now is to try to find these parts. You might have bought a new set so you must unpack it or you probably received the robot from students that were using it from previous years. So, make sure you have all the parts that we've shown you so that we can continue with the course. Try to find them and to identify the different parts in the set.

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