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VEX EDR Intro. Connect VEX motors to the Cortex controller. Use the motor drivers/controllers. Pro Preview

Conenct the motors of the VEX EDR motor to the VEX Corted Controller. For connecting we need the motor drivers. 

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  • 27 Feb 2017
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Motor driver

The motor driver stays between the motor and the controller. It understands the "language" that the controller speaks and "translates" this language for the motor to understand. Some advanced motors might have the driver directly embedded in them 


In this video we would attach the motors of the VEX robot to the controller of the VEX robot. The motors are right here in the construction. And we need to attach them using this motor controller parts. Let's see how we do this.

First, let's connect the right motor.

So, this one here on this side of the robot. And we have the cables of the motor and we also have the controller of the motor. Now, we can theoretically and in some case practically use the motor directly without the controller. This part is also sometimes called a driver. And it is able to convert the way the controller communicates to the way the protocol that the motor accepts. Because the motors are not that smart. And we need some convertion and this convertion is done by the motor controller. You must have this part here. Now, we connect them. And when connecting we must be careful. We have a red wire and a black wire. And we must connect the black wire of one part with the black wire of the other part like this. Let me just show it on the camera. Now, you must be careful. I am not sure exactly what happens if we do it in reverse. We could experiment later. Now, we have the controller and this motor controller must be connected to the main controller. We have the ports on the main controller right here and we have ports from 1-10. And I think that for our programs we need to add this motor to port 3, I think. We'll experiment, we'll see. Now, when adding them it's not very convenient and what you should do is pull this part a little and then after pulling it attach the motor controller. Let me just check. Yes, port 3. And the same thing we do for the left motor. If we decide it, this one is the left. We take the wires of the motor and we attach them. Black to black, red to red. Then we take the controller.

We pull on this part here and we attach. Now, it's not a good idea to have these cables hanging around so you must somehow manage them. And for this you can always use a simple rubber band or some tape or something that you have. Now, for the motors let me just gather the cables like this.

And like this. And then use the rubber band. Now, you can do it better than me I am sure.

And we have the construction of our robot. We have the motors attached to the controller. Now, it's time to do a few programs to control the motors.

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