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Integrated Robotics & STEM classes could be extremely difficult for the teacher to organize. We support the teacher and the participating students. With the platform we provide content & infrastructure for conducting classes, preparing for competitions and learing in class or at home. As kits we currently use LEGO Mindstorms EV3/NXT, VEX, Tetrix, Arduino.

  • 150000+ pages of robot building instructions
  • 2492:38 minutes of tutorial videos
  • At least 1 new tutorial each week.

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Chris Smith, January 2021

I was using FLLCasts to assist with coaching a FLL team. It was very useful and a great platform. I no longer need it at the moment, but may find use again in the future, if I end up coaching again.

Sertan GÖNÜLTAŞ, November 2020

First of all, you have produced a page with very nice content. Thank you very much. Since I participated in the FLL contest, I was using your web page in robot design and basically to learn the codes. I chose not to participate in the competition this year. I am thinking of rejoining your platform when I decide to join the competition again.

Rino Rossiр, November 2020

FLLCasts is very good!

Jaysankar Iyer, October 2020

Your website is a fantastic resource and I have been recommending it to all FLL teams that we have been helping.

Anna Hartford, October 2020

I'm no longer coaching robotics or home schooling. I used FLLCasts for competition and home based learning through 8th grade. It's an excellent resource. I have recommended your site to others who are interested in learning more about robotics and/or are coaching robotics teams.

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