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Integrated Robotics & STEM classes could be extremely difficult for the teacher to organize. We support the teacher and the participating students. With the platform we provide content & infrastructure for conducting classes, preparing for competitions and learing in class or at home. As kits we currently use LEGO Mindstorms EV3/NXT, VEX, Tetrix, Arduino.

  • 150000+ pages of robot building instructions
  • 3062:37 minutes of tutorial videos
  • At least 1 new tutorial each week.

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Nelita Elliott, USA, September 2023

Thank you for your help! You were prompt, kind and very helpful.

Arnon Ruangkanjanawit, Thailand, September 2023

Hi, Plamena, I have a yearly plan for learning from FLLCasts to teach my son. So many practice to do. Best web learning ever to sit in. Thank you Arnon

Brandon Willis, USA, September 2023

I no longer need to use this resource. It was great having it and really enjoyed all of the robot builds and lessons it offered. Thank you.

Bert Bee-Lindgren, USA, September 2023

Hello Kiril et al, We've really enjoyed fllcasts over the last ~10 years (!!), but our family's involvement in robotics has moved onto older ages as our kids have grown, and we haven't found ourselves using fllcasts for the past couple years. With thanks for all the kids you've helped in Decatur, GA!

Jim Stoltz, USA, August 2023

It has been a wonderful time but I am now retired from the competition and have other interests to pursue. Thank you and I wish the team at FLLCASTS all the best. Your work was very helpful in offering guidance to my FIRST teams over the years.

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