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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are people saying about you?

    Visit the Testimonials and read for yourself

  • Is there a Money Back?

    All plans are eligible for 7-day money back guarantee Learn more at 'money back'.

  • How could I pay?

    • Credit card
    • Paypal
    • Wire Transfer (Team and School)
  • Do you have some free building instructions that I could look at?

    Yes. Every building instrution has a preview and here are 10+ free building instructions for robots that you could take a look at.

  • Do I lose money when upgrading. Why is there a different price when upgrading?

    You don't lose money. When upgrading a plan the charge is "prorated". We discount what you've already paid

    Example: You have a Personal B, bought on 01 January. You decide to upgrade to Team Subscription on 01 February. We discount the new charge with 66 USD (11*Personal B/12). One month of Personal B has passed but there are still 11 left so we discount the payment for these 11 months from the current payment

  • Why is the duration of "School" and "Personal B" one year?

    You can't learn in a week. You can only test in a week. If you are not happy with the platform or content we have a money back policy to refund you. But you need to give yourself time to build, to watch, to learn. We've provided many shortcuts and ready to use programs, ideas and building instructions along with a lot of theory and you have to invest in yourself, your children or students. This does not happen in a week.

  • How to request more students for Team & School subscriptions?

    Currently you send us an email at team[at]fllcasts[dot]com with information about how many students/teachers you would like to add and if it would be you purchasing their subscriptions or it would be them. Then we send subscription links to the other parents/teacher (or you) to purchase the subscriptions. We add the other students/teachers to your subscription. You group them in groups, collaborate with them and track their progress.

  • What do I get access to?

    • 1 pages of robot building instructions
    • 2470:59 minutes of tutorial videos
    • 1 number of tasks


Dhaval Parikh, March 2020

I need to cancel at this time, but may consider returning. Your site is excellent and I have recommended it to others.

Piotr Kluba, January 2020

Hi I bought my ev3 core set before Christmas and I’m pretty much ignorant when it comes to mindstorms. So far I built two robots and I’m planning to learn programming at an accelerated speed. You guys take it to the next level. I’m in awe of what you have accomplished.

Janie Sellers, January 2020

Aleks, I just have to tell you. We just went to our first competition. Our high score on robotics was 335 and we got first place! But here is the even better part. We won the Champions award. We came in first place over the 24 teams that were there! Thank you for teaching me about robotics!

Deepa SM, September 2019

The kids learned how to built box robot through your website with another coach. They did struggle with attachment using dogear gears. They couldn't reliably manage the attachment. This last season we liked the concept of box robot and it pros that we created one and customized the attachment to ensure we had vertical and rotational movement for gerhart mission. The idea of box robots is great. Tips and tricks of using dogears successfully will be very helpful for this typically 10-12 year olds.

D. Pratt, September 2019

I love using FLLCasts, it helps me be a better instructor. Thanks for all your support and helping our kids achieve their goals.

Summer STEM and Extreme Robotics Bootcamps were so fun! It looks like our group is growing in our small rural upstate NY village. All through grants and community support!

I work hard writing grants to fund this awesome program. This year we had 22 kids competing on 2 FLL Jr. And 1 FLL. Along with our after school program and outreach program, we have introduced robotics to easily 100 youth this year alone. I would love to allow all interested kids to participate, but funding is always the draw back. This year our oldest team, most aging out, have youth from 3 counties. We are adding another FLL team with the older kids being mentors. Many schools do not offer this program. Very sad!

They also build the robotic arm so the team could provide demonstrations, and let others experience the thrill at our season kick off.

Thanks for your commitment to teaching, you definitely make me a better coach!

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