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VEX EDR Intro. Install and configure RobotC software Pro Preview

After we've download the software we must install it and most importantly configure it. Without propertly configuring the software it would be difficult to use the Cortex Controller.

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  • 21 Feb 2017
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Nothing special in installing

There is actually nothing special in installing. It is actually just Next, Next, Next


In the configuration we must select the right firmware that we are using. Check out the video to see how.



After we've downloaded the ROBOTC software we must install this software and configure it. We just click and from here we continue with the configuration.

There is nothing special in the installation of the software. We just click next, next, next and we choose some normal settings for the software and at the end we have ROBOTC installed on our computer.

After you download, install and open the software this is how the ROBOTC software looks like. And in this software we must now configure it to use it with the VEX cortex. This is the controller for our robot. We go to Robot>Platform Type and here we have different options. The one that we should select is VEX Robotics>VEX 2.0 Cortex. It might be possible that when you install the software it will have VEX IQ selected but what we should do is select VEX Robotics>VEX 2.0. And this is the first part of the process. The second part is to install and upgrade the firmware for the VEX controller. And we go to Robot>Download Firmware> Automatically Update VEX Cortex. Now, the reason to do this is that the VEX Cortex controller has some software running on it. And that's the firmware. And this firmware executes the program that we are implementing for our VEX controller. And this software, this firmware also has some versions and is constantly developed and we must download the latest version to our controller. The latest version of the VEX Cortex Firmware. Here we must also have the robot attached. So, I'll now stop with this part of the recording and I'll start the camera to attach the cable to the robot and then I'll click Automatically Update VEX Cortex. What I'll do is attach one end of the USB cable to the computer and the other end in the cortex controller.

And you can see the light here blinking for the robot then we must turn the cortex controller on. And you can see a small switch right here. And it has two states - on and off. And I'll just turn it on.

Like this. Currently the cortex controller is connected to the computer and on the computer I'll click Robot> Download Firmware> Automatically Update VEX Cortex.

Then we have to wait for a while and this will download the latest firmware to the cortex controller.

And with this we finished the configuration and installation of the software. Actually the installation and the configuration. Try to follow the steps especially if the software is not configured and if it is configured try to check if the configuration is correct. And again automatically download the firmware for the cortex controller.

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