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"Learning a computer language now is a must, as it was a must to learn a foreign language" - this is what we think.

Years of easy to follow, structured, step-by-step student lesson plans & courses. Access Teacher Notes. Track students progress. Get additional support

You are a school and want to add robotics & STEM for your students, but the amount of information is overwhelming

We have all your needs covered. We can train your teachers, we have the classes and challenges for the students. We will support you. The teacher does not have to be an engineer. The teacher organizes the students and motivates them. The teacher also has access to notes for all the problems that could arise. And advanced teachers have the flexibility to adjust the curriculum to the needs of their students.

Image of diffent robots used at FLLCasts

Hardware & Software

Based on the age of the students we've researched, preselected and prepared the hardware that you need. LEGO, Raspberry PI, Arduino, Tetrix, VEX. 

Image for Improving FLL Robot Game. Teacher's Note. Calculating gear rotations

Support and Teacher Notes

You don't have to do it alone. We are here with you. 24/7 online access to our know-how shared in many of the lessons and convenient teacher support packages.

Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Online Training for Teachers.

Teachers training

Starting from basics and reaching in-depth topics. Details about the two-month EV3 training are here

STEM & Robotics Lesson Plans. Curriculum overview.

300 robots and challenges in a sequence that students could follow and learn.

Completely integrated and very well structured curriculum for students from 8 years old working with LEGO to students 13, 15, 17, 19 years old working with Raspberry PIs and electronics. Four Lesson categories that you could use:

Image for 8 to 10 years old

8 to 10 years old

Two years of Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Learn how to move the robots around and how to use all available sensors. There are years worth of structured classes in the curriculum.

Image for 11 to 12 years old

11 to 12 years old

These students can achieve great results with Mindstorms robots. Once you spark the fire of their own curiosity, you can introduce them to the Raspberry Pi system too (see next section).

Image for 13 years and up

13 years and up

Two years, 4 modules of materials of Robotics with Raspberry Pi. Learn about the microcomputer system of Raspberry Pi and how to use it to develop smart cars, hardware games and many more. Create internet-connected robots.

Learn how to prepare for World Robot Olympiad


For students of all ages, there is nothing more stimulating than preparing for a demonstration of their work. We have a lot of knowledge written down, gathered in tens and tens of competitions from a lot of competition categories.

3D Powered

No more struggle following all kinds of instructions and schemes. Each instruction is in 3D format that students could zoom, rotate, look around, inspect and easily follow.

In order to build the full construction, you'll have to subscribe to FLLCasts.

Image for Clank - LEGO EV3 Ammo Truck

Learn more about the subscriptions

Image for Clank - LEGO EV3 Ammo Truck

Start Building

Downloading initial steps...

Building instructions delivered to your device by 3DAssemblyInstructions.com

Platform Features with the School Subscription

Image for EV3 Easy Bot v2

Work with Partner. Two students at once

Two students could log in from the same computer at the same time and could work together. There is an option for the first student to complete tasks and upload solutions. There is also the same option for the second student.

Image for CubeHunter - LEGO EV3 ball cube sorting robot

Dashboard. Task completions

Track the progress of each student in a group over all the courses. Which tasks are accomplished? Which are started just started? What are the uploaded solutions?

Image for Remote Control Car Robot with Raspberry PI - The perfect STEM course


Create a group of instructors and students. Instructors could track the progress of the students in a group.

Learn how to prepare for World Robot Olympiad

Batch Upload

Upload a CSV containing the information of your students and create the groups, enrollments, roles in the groups all at once.

Pricing Details

The school subscription presents a unique Pay as you go subscription-based model

School Subscription

Subscribe as a School to access all of the materials. Learn more about the School subscription.

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