One attachment for Solving FIRST LEGO League 2014 World Class missions - part 2 Pro Preview

We show the principle of solving the next FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Nature's Fury 2013 competition missions. Again, without any programs, but just the principles of using one attachment for most of the missions.


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  • 25 Oct 2015
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In the previous video we accomplished 3 of the missions in the World Class 2014 competition and now we continue with our robot and the next challenge is the football. Let's see how we solved the football. We finished with the search engine and our robot is right here, we must move the robot, again it is always a good solution, good idea to align to every line on the field, so we move the robot and we again align to this line. so we know where we are, where the robot is and we move the robot, it's just a matter of position. We move and if we need to we can align to the border and move near the border, that's one solution or we can move do a turn and then align to this elements here. It' again possible to align here and because you can reach the element here or here we must align to one more line and you can use, for example, this lines here or this black line, or you can use, there is a green line over here, you don't see it from the camera but it's again possible to align to this green line and then align to the mission model and after that you do a few experiments, you see how far you need to be from the mission model you move the robot and you fire and when you are firing the ball, the ball will jump and return right here. So it's just a matter of experiment to know the power of the motor and how much power do you need to throw the ball. The tricky thing here is that you must do it in a way that the loops don't fall so if you do it quite fast, like this, they can fall so you should do it also with the speed that's not very fast so that the loops don't fall from the attachment and you have the loops again here. Now let's move to the next mission. After we have scored the goal, the robot is right here and our next mission is the Right sense mission, so we must push the mission model so that we have the loop free and after the loop is free we must take the loop, that's the mission and return this loop back to the base. The tricky part here is that we must not push this mission model too far, because it will again lock the model. There are other videos for solving this mission model, you can check them in the link below. What can we do we have this black line here so it's actually very convenient to have this black line, we can align to this line and we can know how far to push the mission model. We take the robot, we program it, it moves we can use either this or this line and we can follow them, for example we can follow the green line here, we reach it, we start to follow it, we move the robot, we follow the line. We can follow the line with line of the sensors or to of them and when we reach the mission model we only follow the line you can see that we start pushing the mission model and the moment we start pushing it our sensors are over the black line, so we know that we are over the black line we align and then we know exactly how much to push, so it could be half a rotation or 1/3 of the rotation of the wheel, we know exactly it's just a matter of experiment. After we push for this exact amount we return back, we align again on this line, we return, just a number of rotations and then we lower the attachment, move near the loop and we take the loop with this attachment. We can also use the ultrasonic sensor for distance but either way we need the light sensors or the ultrasonic sensor, so that we know when exactly have we pushed the mission model so we can take the loop and now we are ready with the second loop, we have one attachment and 2 loops on this attachment. Now the next mission is to actually move and solve the either accomplish the Community tree challenge. It's always a good practice to align, so we again turn and align on this line. Let's see how we reach the Community tree.

Next we go to the Community tree challenge. It's right here. We must again take the loop and the robot is on this side of the field and we align to this red line here, so we align to the line and we move the robot. We must somehow reach the Community tree There's one more line, right here, it's a green line and we can again align to this line, but while moving we can decide to solve this communication challenge. The mission model is more complex, but I've disassembled it, so that I have more space here for the recording and the mission is actually to pull this mission model, like this.

Looking at our attachment we can solve this mission with our attachment, we just turn the robot, lower the attachment, turn the robot again and we pull the mission model and that's it. So it's possible to solve this mission with the attachment, then we need again to align to one of this lines either to the green line here or here and we move the robot again only positioning, aligning to this line and almost always you should do this when you have green and black line, you align to the green, then you turn and you align to the black line. In this moment you know exactly where you are on the field. Then it's 1 or 2 turns, back and we move to the Community tree challenge. The challenge is to remove the loop, there's a loop here, we must leave this loop and again we have the attachment for lifting the loops, we lower the attachment and then lift the third loop and we return the robot aligning to this green line, always aligning to each line on our way and now we return back to accomplish the Reverse engineering challenge, but let's do this in the next video.

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