Attachment that mechanically aligns to a mission model - Cloud Challenge from FLL World Class Pro Preview

This is the oldest and most classic problem in the field of robotics. Shaft in an opening. Basically robotics and in improvement of many of the actuators is about improving the solutions to such problems. Let's see how we ca do this using a mission model from the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition.

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  • 15 Nov 2015
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Passive Attachment for mechanical alignment

This attachment presents a way to mechanically align the robot to a mission model and solves the Cloud mission from FLL 2014. 


In this video we are solving First LEGO League World Class competition. It was called Cloud access this here is the mission model. The mission was to push on the levers on the inside so that they move like this and the whole attachment is in this state at the end of the match. It's a pretty interesting attachment and the mission has this 6 holes here and you can push through some of them and let's see how we solve this mission.

The Solution

First we decided to build an attachment for this mission, while working on the other missions in the previous videos. We had the attachment here that was moving up and down and we thought "We are at this part on the field can we do something to accomplish this mission?". We decided to build an attachment for the back of the robot. This here is the attachment. You can find the instruction for this attachment below the video.

The interesting part is the following. Because you can see that the holes here are not that large, they are quite small. The challenge is to be very precise, when you try to push something in these holes. You can use different axles and the whole challenge goes like this. You just move the robot, you push and then you move back. So it's pretty simple. The complex part is to be precise and as you can see there are, except for this line here, there aren't much lines on this mission model so we build the attachment in the way that it can move.

You need to be precise, but not very precise. If you move from here backward you can see that the attachment moves and it will automatically push on the levers. If you move from another part it has these leading parts here and if you are not perfectly aligned. You can see that the whole attachment turns.

So it's not very important for you to be that precise with the robot, because the attachment can move and can solve the whole mission from different angles. For example, we move like this. You're not aligned to the attachment, but then the attachment moves and you can solve the mission.

It's a pretty interesting solution and you can add it to the robot and you can solve one more mission while you are in this part of the field.

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