One attachment for Solving FIRST LEGO League 2014 World Class missions - part 3 Pro Preview

Third, and last video of this series on how to use ONE attachment to solve the FLL 2014 World Class missions.

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  • 01 Nov 2015
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As we have just taken the loop from the community tree challenge we must again move back and reach The Reverse engineering and we must return The Reverse engineering back to base. The process is again pretty straight forward, we align to the green line here and then we move we can rotate. It is always a good idea to move forward with the robot because we have our sensors in front of the robot so we rotate and after we rotated we align to the green line. It matters if we are here or if we are here, that's important. The next thing is we can again align to the black line here. Now we are perfectly sure where we are on the field and from there it's just a matter of movement. Again we can do one more align on this green line or this it's something that we should experiment with and then we lower the attachment and we take Тhe Reverse engineering. When we lower we move forward with the robot and we take Тhe Reverse engineering and we must lift this, like this, and now we have all the loops and The Reverse engineering on the attachment and we must now go for the next challenge in the mission. Again, it's only how do you align on this green line and there are plenty of videos on aligning to the green lines. Let's check out the next challenge.

From here our next mission is The Engagement we can first align to the green line or we can align to the border right here, so that we know where the robot is. We start moving and we move until we see another green line here and it's a good idea to align to this green line.

Depending on your construction you can first align to this mission and then to the green line so you know exactly where you are and a slight turn you lower the attachment and you solve The Engagement and then you leave the attachment. Then you are ready to return to the base.

With these videos we want to show how we can solve most of the mission on a competition with a single attachment. Attachment that's just lifting and moving up and down and gathering different loops and it's possible with only the robot and a few sensors, quite smart aligning to the lines and the borders and the attachment we can solve 70-80% of each competition and from here is pretty straight forward we just return to base. We know that we are here, we can again align to the green lines or to this black line and we know where we are and return back to base.

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