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Integrated Robotics & STEM classes could be extremely difficult for the teacher to organize. We support the teacher and the participating students. With the platform we provide content & infrastructure for conducting classes, preparing for competitions and learing in class or at home. As kits we currently use LEGO Mindstorms EV3/NXT, VEX, Tetrix, Arduino.

  • 150000+ pages of robot building instructions
  • 2841:18 minutes of tutorial videos
  • At least 1 new tutorial each week.

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Blaze Sand

"You guys did some great videos! Thank you"!

Nick Houghton, March 2022

"FLLCasts has been an excellent resource. I've used it to upskill myself in EV3. I have coached several FLL teams, and FLLCasts helped me take my skills to a much higher level as my team progressed through the various ranks. The 3D rotating building plans contained within FLL Casts revealed the possibilities that open up when box robots are built and provided clear instructions on building attachments and using gears. The tutorials explained the finer details of programming and allowed me to support my students in moving from novices to a competitive team. For the busy teacher or FLL coach, I can't recommend this product highly enough". Nick Houghton - Teacher and FLL Coach, NSW, Australia

Patrick Getchis, September 2021

"Thanks for the great service. I am taking a break from FLL. I will subscribe again once I start back up next year".

Coskun Polat, September 2021

"It was very useful and creative working with you. I totally liked your materials, projects and ideas. However, I do not need anymore for this coming season. But, I will definitely come back when I start to work at this field. Thank you guys"!

Michael MacFarland, September 2021

"You have a great content. We were coaching FLL teams and helping our children learn. We continue to recommend your site. If we resume coaching, we are likely to repurchase membership. It helped us be prepared for the competition".

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