SP034. 2019-02-15

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[Content Creation 2.0, Bug] Adding self as author duplicates author if you weren't author previously

When a user tries to add himself to a resource, he no longer adds himself twice. Only once as it should be.


[Curriculum 1.0] C2 Lesson 6

Thumbnail for lesson 6 level C2

Created the sixth lesson in level C2. The topic of the lesson is sorting and recycling plastic waste. The students build their own robot out of two modules provided by us, so that all of them can transfer balls(plastic waste) in one big production line. While the transfer is happening the students sort the balls by color. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

link to the lesson

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 1

Thumbnail for lesson 1 level D1

Created the first lesson in level D1. The topic of the lesson is making a Clam robot to learn about Rotational sensors. The students have variant tasks for exploring what the rotational sensor does and some ways to use it. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

link to the lesson

[Learn at Home 2.0] Publish PressurePlate robot -material 644


Pressure plate

[Learn at Home 2.0] Fix press sensor on door 641


Security doot robot

[Learn at Home 2.0] Publish Comet robot - material 625


[Learn at Home 2.0] Publish Radaford Robot - material 633


[Curriculum 1.0] Construct a preasure plate LEGO Mindstorms robot for measuring presure

Two pressure plate robots were built. One binary and one measuring the weight of the object:


Pressure plate


Weigh Measuring Plate

[Learn at Home 2.0] Publish SecurityDorBot - material 641


Secutirty doot robot

[Materials] Material 150, gear-attachment is still in LDD format. Make it available in IS

The attachment is reworked from a pdf version to a 3D Assembly Instructions version. Available at: https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/150

[Release Notes] Publish the release note for SP33

Release note for SP33 Published at:


[Curriculum 1.0] C2 Lesson 7

Thumbnail for lesson 7 level C2

Created the final lesson in level C2. The topic of the lesson is a volleyball practice. Students has to build a robot that can both throw and catch a ball. The aim is that the robots work together to pass each other the ball.

link to the lesson

[VEX Competition 2.0] Sports chassis.

The chassis is released at: https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/675-sports-chassis-vex-iq-chassis

[VEX Competition 2.0] Robot with vertical lifting via 8 bar mechanism.

The robot is released at:


[Curriculum 1.0] Level 1.0 should be available on the /teach-at-school page and could be accessed from there.

Level 1.0 for students of 10-12 years is now available on the /teach-at-school page and could be accessed from there


[Curriculum 1.0] Level 1.5 should be available on the /teach-at-school page and should be accessed from there.

The course Robotics with LEGO - Level 1.5 is now available (only in Bulgarian) from the Teach at School page - https://www.fllcasts.com/teach-at-school

[Content] Material 661

Has a clam like robot uploded on the platform - link to the material

thumbnail of the robot

[Curriculum 1.0] Create lesson 1 of 3.0 - Museum security

The lesson is created at https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/516 in Bulgarian and needs to be translated. There are two robots and two programs created for those robots. A little to-do are a few extra pictures that must be added.

Both programs now are linked to a course, a lesson and the robot that uses them:

Weighed pressure plate solutions

Pressure plate solutions

[Curriculum 1.0] Make teacher notes from tutorial

Teacher notes in Bulgarian available at




[IRT, Curriculum 1.0] Tutorial 958 "Using threads and wires in LEGO EV3 Software" - video of sequence plug exit not playing

The last video in the tutorial https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/958-using-threads-and-wires-in-lego-ev3-software?ref=2534 has controls now.


[Bug, IS] Problem with material 79

This one is resolved. Material 79 is now working and could be build.


Picture of 79

[Content Creation 2.0] Subscriptionable resources must be 'pro' plan by default.

Made it so the default plan for newly created episodes is Personal A and for all other content, the default plan is Personal B.

[Bug, Content Creation 2.0, Nonreusable Contents] Authors on nonreusable contents behave differently

The problem no longer appears.

[Assignments 1.0] Assign a course book to a group

It is now possible to assign a course book to a group. This means that you can go to the group and set an assignment of the particular course. The group will show what are the assigned courses for this groups

Students will be able to go to their group and see what are the course books that they should start reading.

Assigned Courses

[Subscriptions Users] Teacher in subscription should be able to add subscription users.

Teachers can now add users to the subscription. They cannot, however, remove them or manage any of the other users in the subscription.

[MGE] UX for parents enrolling for on-site live classes

Had a discussion and clarifications with Aleks on how the enrollment process will work.


[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 636


Material 636

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 352


Material 352

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 638 - rack lifting attachment


Material 638

[Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 640


Material 640

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 641.


Material 641

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 644


Material 644

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 661

https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/661-midas-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-clam-robot Material 661

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for program fph05a


Program fph05a

[Images] Create images of the program for the Weighting Plate teacher note




[Image] Create image for the wait change tutorial






[Image] Create image for conditional loop



[Images] Add images to Status Light tutorials from moodle

We have new tutorials about brick status light, used in the context of a security system in level 3.0.

EV3 custom pulsating status lights tutorial

EV3 Status light tutorial

pallette image

status light block image

[Thumbnail, Learn at Home 2.0] Create thumbnail for the Comet robot- material 625


Material 625

[Thumbnail, Learn at Home 2.0] Create a thumbnail for the Radarford robot- material 633


Material 633

[Thumbnail, Learn at Home 2.0] Create thumbnail for the SkiD00 robot- material 642


Material 642

[Thumbnail, Learn at Home 2.0] Make thumbnail for material 662.


Material 662

[Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 676 hammer shark robot


Material 676

[Thumbnail, Curriculum 1.0] Create thumbnail for material 678 Fish robot


Material 678

[Thumbnail, Curriculum 1.0] Create thumbnail for Pressure Plate program


Program 2s8tid

[Picture] Create picture for introduction D1 Lesson 2


Fish Picture Fllcasts

[Pictures, Curriculum 1.0] Create pictures for the Cut The Wire tutorial


Unplug the wire

[Pictures, Curriculum 1.0] Create pictures for the alarm tutorial



[Curriculum 1.0, Image] Create image showing eyebrows for material 661


Midas Eyebrows

[Picture, Curriculum 1.0] Create picture for the field in D1 Lesson 2


Fish field

[Images, Curriculum 1.0] Create images for the Loop Interrupt tutorial- 1121

Added images to Tutorial: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1121-loop-Interrupt-block



[Images, Curriculum 1.0] Create images for the Loop Name tutorial- 1124

Added image to https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1124-loop-name


[Pictures] Add pictures to the Yellow sensor blocks tutorial- 1074

Added images to Tutorial: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1074-yellow-sensors-and-program-s-wires



[Pictures] Add pictures to the Brick Buttons tutorial- 1125






[Pictures, Curriculum 1.0] Create pictures for the Indiana Jones Nonreusable


Indiana Jones

[Curriculum 1.0, Picture] Find pictures for pressure plate non-reusable content 252



[Images, Curriculum 1.0] Create images of the program for the Pressure Plate teacher note







[IC 2.0] Errors when building a materials

All errors are implemented

They look like this:

Error : "File for part %s is neither in the library nor the current working directory." % part

		           There are several reasons for such an error. First of all check if the part really exists.
		           If the part is a module i.e. its extension is *.ldr check if the file exists in the zip.
		           If part's extension is *.dat check if the part exists in the library.
		           If the file exists and everything seems fine, please contact an administrator.

Error : "The file %s is not a zip archive." % file

		           There are two reasons for such an error:
		           1. The file that you are trying to build is not a zip archive. In such case,
		           please refer to the documentation on how to create building instructions.
		           2. If you are sure that the file is a zip archive, then it may be corrupt or the 
		           format of the archive may be unknown for the converter. In such case try to create the zip
		           one more time.

Error : "Tried to add a module in a step that already has one."

		           This exception is raised, when there are two modules i.e. two files with *.ldr extension
		           within one step. To fix it just split the two modules in two separate steps.

Error : "Panic! There is no build.ini file: " + path

		           There is no build.ini file in the ZIP File. You have to add build.ini to your ZIP.
		           Example build.ini:
		            main_ldr_file = FiveMinuteBot.ldr
		            rotation_matrix_precision = 3

Error : "There is unnecessary file or file with wrong extension: " + file + " Unknown file!"

		           In the ZIP file there is file that is not a part or module file. The appropriate extensions for
		           this type of files are .ldr and .dat. The file is also different from build.ini.
		           Delete the unnecessary files(different from .ldr .dat and build.ini).
		           Look carefully for the extensions of the files.

Error : "Something is wrong with the build.ini file!"

		            Something is wrong with your build.ini file. There are different cases:
		            1.Missing main section.
		            2.No value before the "=".
		            3.No value after the "=".
		            4.Something other
		            The build.ini should looks like this:
		            main_ldr_file = FiveMinuteBot.ldr
		            rotation_matrix_precision = 3

Error : "Missing MAIN section in build.ini!"

		           In the build.ini file, there must be a main section. In your file "MAIN" is missing.
		            main_ldr_file = FiveMinuteBot.ldr
		            rotation_matrix_precision = 3

Error : "Missing main_ldr_file in build.ini!"

		            In the build.ini file there should be a line which says, which is the main ldr file.
		            Usually this is the file in which the whole robot is assembled and it looks like this:
		            main_ldr_file = FiveMinuteBot.ldr
		            In your file this line is missing. Please add it and try again.

Error : "%s = %s \n And this is not an integer!" % (var, atempted_value)

		                    %s has a value that is not an integer. Please check it and enter a correct number.
		                    """ % var 

Error : "Wrong rotation_matrix_precision in build.ini!"

		            Your Rotation Matrix Precision must be bigger than 0 and lower than 5.

Error : "Wrong rotation matrix or missing arguments at line \n %s" % ldr_line

		            Find the line in your ldr file and check again the number of the arguments. 
		            This type of lines should looks like this : 
		            1 15 90 -30 80 0 0 1 0 1 0 -1 0 95658.dat
		            From the example :
		            1 - stands for part (other option is 0 like 0 STEP)
		            15 - color 
		            90 - X position 
		            -30 - Y position
		            80 - Z position
		            0 0 1 - rotation around the X axis
		            0 1 0 - rotation around the Y axis
		            0-1 0 - rotation around the Z axis
		            95658.dat - The name of the part 

Error : "Unknown PLI option at line: %s" % line SOLUTION = """

            You have typed some unknown PLI option. PLI blocks usually looks like this : 
		            0 PLI SUB 11145.dat 39
		            1 39 128 -57 19 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 USCable.dat
		            0 PLI END
		            And you have typed something different from SUB and END.    

Error : "Step #" + number + " in " + current_path \ + " has already used user defined id " + idn

SOLUTION = """                
		            The step IDs must be unique. The id which you want to give to this step already exists.
		            Please change your step ID.

[Bug, IC] Build 3051 does not have a fancy error

Fixing typos in the Solution of the WrongMainFileException and
		removing unnecessary check if the main_ldr_file is a string.


[Academies] Enroll students in groups

Varna, Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Lozenets now have their students enrolled into groups, and the groups have the courses assigned and leading teachers. The parents got emails notification about the students' credentials. The academies got printable lists with students credentials.

[Academies] Enroll students in groups for Gabrovo and Rousse

All students are enrolled in groups for the academies in Gabrovo and Ruse.