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Program for Calix - LEGO SPIKE Prime carrying robot

This program is for Calix - LEGO SPIKE Prime carrying robot. The robot is made to carry an object while following a black line. This is probably one of the first thought that comes to mind when you think of robotics - A robot that can help at home! This robot is made as a first try at this concept. It can move not too heavy objects from one room to the other, following a black line. The program does the following: First it waits for you to put something on the robot and to click the left or right hub buttons. After that it lifts the item a bit and starts following a black line. It follows the line until it sees the same color for more than 3 seconds, thats how the robot knows it has reached the end of the line! After that it rises whatever it is carrying and waits while keeping the object up.

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  • 04 Aug 2020

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