"If I want to teach my students in how to have complete control over where the robot is going, where do I start?" Carsten M.

Prepare for FIRST LEGO League Robot Game. The complete guide

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You start by learning how to build a robot

There are several different options for different robot bases, chassis and approaches to build a robot

Constructions to start with

Learn by building several robot constructions then choose a design that suits you and your goals. Simple constructions are powerful and you could easily win a local or regional competition with them

Advanced Constructions

Moving directly to the Box Robots for a rookie team could be challenging, but you are participating in FIRST LEGO League after all :). Challenge is what you are here for. Check out the course first to learn the ideas behind the concepts and implementations. Then build the robots following the building instructions.

Then you learn how to program the robot

You can not prepare for competition without learning how to use the sensors. Learn to use them, to follow lines, the position yourself on the field with the Color/Light sensors, to detect your rotations with the Gyro, and to use State machines to separate the states in your program

Light, Color and Gyro Sensors Should be Calibrated

You will surely get tired of all the differences in the venues and their lighting conditions. Winning teams have the sensors properly calibrated and could calibrate them very fast, just before the runs.

Learn more advanced programming like moving straight and state machines

This is the most common problem at competitions. How do you move straight? or at least Straighterrrr?

Learn to build attachments. Rubber Bands, Gears, you name it

Do not over engineer. Use as few parts as possible. Build simple pinless attachments that could be changed quickly. An attachment should work 9 out of 10 times. Use rubber bands, gear wheel, worm gears, racks, levers.

Finally, you explore what you could further learn

At we have quite many resources on a lot of different topics connected with FIRST LEGO League and other robotics competitions. Make sure to check for new Tutorials and Building Instructions

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