FLL 2017: How to accomplish Manhole Cover (08th) Mission in FIRST LEGO League 2017-2018 Pro Preview

As we are already off the season we decided to look back at the competition. First, we will take a look at the working solution for FIRST LEGO League 2017 Manhole Cover. This was generally accepted as one of the most difficult missions during the competition. We've built a single attachment to accomplish it. 

(we are releasing the video without explanations and will add the explanations later)

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  • 24 Jul 2018
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The attachment is almost pinless. This means it has two pins along with two beams to make it easier to direct it when you want to snap it to the box robot

Steps to accomplish the mission

We've decided to go with a rotating LEGO mechanism attached to the Box Robot 2. Several problems could arise:

  • The manhole could just rotate and fallback without turning - we should, therefore, rotate the shaft 180 degrees, hold the shaft and then move with the robot left and right. 
  • Because of the push of the shaft the manhole could move above the border - we've added two beams to limit the movement of the manhole 

FLL 2017: Attachment The Manhole Cover (08th) Mission

We have to admit. This is quite an interesting missions. There is a Manhole cover and it must be turned upside down. Well, the robot must turn it. Again LEGO Box Robot Three With Large Wheels and Thee light sensors and one Gyro is used as a base for the Robot.

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