How to search at FLLCasts

When searching for a content at FLLCasts you can search by the content public id, by its title, tags, part of the content and any other information about the content. To use the search effectively take a look at the following options.

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  • 19 May 2019

By Public id

The public id is the part of the content url address. For this tutorial the public id is '1290-how-to-search-at-fllcasts'. For example by using the public id of the tutorial you can find it with the following searches.




Search with part of the public id

Note that if you search for '129' this will return the tutorial with public id '129' and not all the tutorials containing '129' in their public id


will return the tutorial, material, course, etc that have public id "129" and not content with public id "1291", "1292", "1293", etc

By Title

Enter the part of the title of this tutorial and you will find this and other tutorials.

how to 

will return all the tutorials, courses, materials, etc, containing 'how to'

how to search

will return all the tutorials, courses, materials, etc, containing 'how to search'



You can narrow down the search to specific content type like Tutorials or Courses. To do this you can use the name of the content you are searching followed by ':' and followed by what you are searching for. The form is

'ContentType': 'search query'


Tutorial: ev3

will search only for tutorials containing 'ev3'

Note that the ContentType is case sensitive and should start with a capital letter.

Supported parameters for content type are:

  • Tutorial
  • Material
  • Program
  • Course
  • CourseSection
  • NonreusableContent
  • Task

Known issues

If a content was just created than you can find it only by its public id. It takes some time for a Content to be indexed. After it is indexed you can search for this Content by its title. 

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