Basic content at FLLCasts. Tutorials, Materials, Programs

The content consists of "Tutorials", "Materials", "Programs", "Playlists", "Courses", "CourseSections", "Tasks"

The basic building blocks of the content are "Tutorials", "Materials", "Programs"

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  • 14 Nov 2018


The tutorial is a single central piece of knowledge that we share. Most tutorials have a video. Most tutorials have text. A tutorial is "consumed" in 1-10 minutes by a student or a teacher.


Building instructions, schemes and instructions in general are the materials. They could be used as standalone or with a tutorial that would further explain how to use the material. 


A computer program written in a computer language. Some tutorials could show how a program is implemented and we have the program attached to the tutorial. A common program, like one for a robot following lines, could be used in many tutorials on following lines. 


Tutorials, Materials, Programs are simple building blocks of our content. They do not provide any structure. That's why we have "Playlists", "Courses", "Course Sections", "Tasks"

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