How to tag content at FLLCasts

This tutorials clarifies how tags work and how the content at FLLCasts should be tagged.

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  • 20 Sep 2018

What are tags

When creating content at fllcasts as Materials, Tutorials, Course, etc the author could select a number of tags. The purpose of the tag is to give more information about what is in the "content". This allows us to better index, seach and find similarities between different content. 

There are a number of predefined tags, approved by administrators and you could select from them. All approved tags are available at "/tags"

How to choose a tag

If a robot uses a gyro sensor and is build with Ev3 that you should place the following tags on the instruction: "Ev3", "Gyro Sensor", "Sensors":

  • "Ev3" is the set with which the robot is build
  • "Gyro Sensor" is the sensor that is used in the robot
  • "Sensors" is recommended, because a person that would like to learn how "Sensors" are used will likely visit this tag. 

If an attachment is for FIRST LEGO League Competition and could be used in season 2014/2015 and is build with Ev3 and Nxt that the followig tags should be used:

  • "Ev3" because the attachment is build with EV3
  • "Nxt" because the attachment is build with NXT
  • "FLL" because the attachment is used in FLL competition and could probably be used and referenced in other FLL competition as general.
  • "FLL 2014" because the attachmet was specifically used in the context of "FLL 2014"

If a robot was treads and moves like a car than the following tags should be placed:

  • "Treads" because it uses treads
  • "Tank" because people think about thanks when treads are used
  • "Vehicle" because this is generally a vehicle
  • "Car" because this is specifically a car