6. How to manage your groups

When viewing a group

In this tutorial we will show you some of the fundamental things when viewing a grop.

Assigned contents

There is a section showing the assigned contents. It is easy to assign courses, tutorlas, materials and other so your students can know what to do in one place.

content picture


There is a section showing the grades of the assigned courses. When you assign courses to your students in the group, they can submit tasks in that course. Grades is the place to grade those submissions and give feedbacks on the solutions.

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Visible password

You can see the visible password of a student in a group. The vissible password is set when a teacher or coordinator adds a student to the group and creates his account. There is an icon showing if the password is valid or not.

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Sending messages to the user when enrolling him in a group

As a coordinator you can configure the messages that should be sent to the user when he/she is enrolled into a group. 

Configuring the messages

The messages sent to coordinators, instructors and students when enrolling them into a group could be configured and edited from the groups edit page, section "Messages"

Sending messages

When enrolling a user into a group the platform is inspecting a few conditions and deciding what message should be send to the user.

1. What is the type of the user - It could be "student", "instructors", "coordinators" This will change the message by filling the value from the groups Messages section

2. Should the user be added to a subscriptions- There are three options :

  • The user is added to the subscription of the coordinator. In this case the mail notifies the user that he/she is added to the subscription.
  • The user is notified to buy his own subscription
  • It is possible not to send anything about subscriptions to the user. This is useful if the user could take part in the group without the need of an active subscription. 

3. Is the user that is enrolled into the group a new user or an already existing user in the platform.
    3.1 If the user does not have an account in the platform and we do not set the password for this user, then the message will contain a text explaining to the user that he must activate his account and set his own password.
    3.2 If the user already has an account in the platform or we are creating this account and setting the password for this account then no message for activation will be sent to the user.

4. All the values in {{ }} brackets, will be replaced with the corresponding data before the message is send to the user.

How to setup а teacher profile

Every teacher in a group must have a picture and contact phone number. Here we help you set up these attributes.


Your teacher profile is visible in every group you are conducting. By standing behind your name, showing your face and giving a contact number, parents will have more trust in the organization they are signing to.

You can see what a parent sees about you as a teacher by opening any of the groups listed at Dashboard -> Groups.

Setting up a profile picture

tl;dr - setup a Gravatar profile picture.

At FLLCasts.com we use Gravatar for profile pictures. In order to set up yours follow these steps:

  1. Check your email associated with your teacher profile. (You can see it in your profile visible in your groups here.) 
  2. Open https://en.gravatar.com/
    1. If you happen to have a WordPress profile, you can use that profile.
  3. Click Sign In and Create account. Make sure you use the same email that you use at FLLCasts.com
  4. Open your email and click the activation link sent to you by Wordpress.
  5. Now you will be logged into Wordpress and the page will suggest that you start a blog or website. Ignore that page for the moment.
  6. Open https://en.gravatar.com/ again
  7. On the page https://en.gravatar.com/emails/, you must see your email. Add an image for it.
  8. Keep the access level go G - good for Global audiences and save.
  9. Wait 5-10 minutes to see that your profile at FLLCasts.com now has a picture associated with it.

Setting up phone number

Open Dashboard -> Profile. Fill the field Parent phone field with your contact phone. It will be visible on your teacher profile page.