Program for the EV3 steamship simulator robot Uylam

This program is for Uylam - LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Steamship simulator robot. It is made as a lesson, to automatically find the best position for a ship in stormy weather, relative to the waves. The program has two parallel threads. The first one makes the robot move until the gyro sensor detects less amount of shaking done to the ship. Because of all the shaking, the readings of the gyro are all over the place and thats why we made a My Block, which acts like a filter, so that the readings are more accurate. The second thread starts the storm, which is controlled by a Large motor.

NOTE: The program contains my blocks, that will appear broken if you use any version before 1.3.0 of the EV3 Mindstorms Software!

How to open?

Programs with extension *.ev3 could be opened EV3 Lab Software sometimes referred to as EV3-G. It could be found throught theĀ EV3 Lab Software section on the LEGO Website.

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  • 28 Jun 2019