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FLL 2018: Mission run of M05 and M06, (Place and grab) in FIRST LEGO League 2018 Into Orbit. Review Pro Preview

In the second run Nightbeast team solves different tasks from two missions - M05 Extraction and M06 Space Station Modules:

  1. Insert the Tube Module into the Habitation Hub port, west side 
  2. Move all four Core Samples so they are no longer touching the axle that held them in the Core Site Model
  3. Place the Gas Core Sample completely in Base
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  • 10 May 2019
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The Attachment

One of the important things here is the spacer. Spacer is a construction that is tightly aligned to the wall and the robot is aligned to it. This construction makes a fixed space between the robot and the field wall, so the robot can be placed on the same position every time it makes this run. 
In this run the team first have to place the spacer and after that place the robot with the attachment. It's very important not to forget to place the Tube module on the attachment. If we look at the attachment we'll see two curved arms. This arms allows the robot to place the Tube Module from different positions. They are used to align the robot to the base of the model, so it doesn't matter if the robot have some deviation from the right direction.
After the robot has aligned to the Space Station and the tube module is placed, the robot moves back and goes for the core samples in the extraction module. Let's look at the left side of the attachment. There is a frame, which is locked in the air. It's more like enclosure for the core samples. The frame is locked by a lever, which is connected with the motor. If we look closer to the bottom side of this frame we'll see a part that also locks the frame and prevent it from falling forward. When the robot is aligned the motor moves the lever and the frame falls by the power of gravity. Other important thing is the type of the elements on the frame. They are little pins with balls. The balls are clever way to prevent locking some elements on the mission model. If you place there casual pin their might be a problems with the rough areas of the model.

The Program

Let's look at the program. For the begriming of the run we have only moving forward, it's not needed some special angle or something to steer, because the spacer in the base gives the needed direction. Also there is no matter if the robot is straight forward to the model or it's angled, the "arms" of the attachment align it to the model. Then the robot goes back, turns that the back of the robot is pushed toward the Extraction model, so the robot is aligned one more time, but this time on the extraction model. That allows to make "Accurate Turn", release the frame with the motor and let it fall on the Core Samples. Then the robot goes forward, to Extract the samples. Here the Nightbeast have a loop that is called Smooth Turn, in which they are turning robot around, but they progressively rise up the speed. That is needed because, the Core Samples are in the frame in this moment, but there can be a problem when they extract them, so they can left the samples on the field. Then it's easy to go back to the base.

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