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FLL 2018: Mission run of M01 and M02, (Supply Payload) in FIRST LEGO League 2018 Into Orbit. Review. Pro Preview

This is the first run of Team "Nightbeast", with which they solve M01 and M02 from FIRST LEGO League 2019 Into Orbit:

  1. Starts with the Vehicle Payload
  2. Places the Supply and Crew Payloads and rolls them to east.
  3. Pushes the Solar Panel Array to the opposite side
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  • 11 May 2019
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The run

In the first run Nightbeast team solves the first two missions from FLL Into Orbit Challenge. They have 5 runs -  that means that their robot goes out of the base 5 times. Usually the runs are ordered by the time needed to prepare the attachments. In this case for the first attachment the team needs to stole the motor. This will hold hold the carts up. Nightbeast team uses the buttons on the brick to play different programs for different runs. They choose missions M01 and M02 to be first, because they had to move the motor and place the carts are up in the air and then run the main program a.k.a Master Run.

The Attachment

Let's look at the attachment for this run. First, on the left side we have pacer, it holds the robot on fixed distance from the wall. If we look a little upper we have something like spike. This "spike" pushes the platform, that the cart with the blue car starts moving before other carts and frees space for them. On the other(right) side we have massive construction that also have something like a spike, but this arm is for the Solar Panels. In the front we have two "forks", made by axles and moved by the motor, which is moved in the beginning before the run. This "forks" are for the carts. There are two carts that are in the base and must be placed on the platform - the Supply and the Crew payloads. As we can see the Supply payload is heavier than the Supply payload, so we put it on the "fork" that is closer to the wall, because on the ramp it will be higher, so it will have more inertia. If there is a problem with the Crew payload the Supply could push it forward. Now if we look lower we will see there are some beams that form a long "line" from left to the right side. Like the pacer on the left this "line" is used for aligning, but it aligns the robot on the models, so it can stop on the right distance from the ramp, that the "forks" could place the paylods on the ramp.

The Program

If we look at the program we can see how the robot moves. It's little bit more complicated than it looks, isn't it? The first thing that Nighbeast do is to stole the motor to be sure that the "foks" with payloads will be on their place through all the route to the model. After that they have 4 rotations, that are NOT straight forward. The center of the gravity of the robot is different from the center of the robot, so if you tell the robot to move forward it will probably make a curve not a straight line. After that to be precise, the Nightbeast team stops on the black line, goes forward to push the first cart down to ramp, and waits some time. They acurally wait the "blue car" to reach the end of the ramp, and not to interupt it's movement. Then they move forward, align to the models and get the "forks" down, so they leave the carts on the ramp and return to base.

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