Male-to-Male, Male-to-Female and Female-to-Female types of cables. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

We kind of have to put this Teacher's Note. This is how the cables are referred to. 

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  • 23 Feb 2018


You don't have to talk about "gender" with the students when you introduce them to the cables. You could just use M-M, M-F and F-F as notations. But in the world of electronics, this is how all the cables are referred to.

School policies...?

There are school policies that forbid teachers to talk about "gender" with students.  The goal of this section is not to talk about "gender", but to introduce students to a notation in the world of electronics. You could just name the different cables and continue using the notations M-M, M-F, F-F as names for the types of cables. 

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