Tools required when working with a class of students. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

There are tools you need when conducting the course with a class of students. They are similar to the tools that you personally need, but as a teacher, these are the things that you should be prepared for.

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  • 01 Feb 2018


  1. Screwdrivers - 5-10 pieces
  2. Weights - 100 g to 1 kg. at 5 pieces
  3. Rope/Cable Tie - at least 50 cm each. About 5-10 if rope. If cable tie you will need more.
  4. Batteries - look for rechargeable batteries.
  5. Markers and pens - 5-10, preferably with different colours. 
  6. A list of sticky notes (smallest sticky notes) - 5-10 sheets
  7. Lighters (as in lighter for cigarettes) - 5-10 pieces


Each student must have a screwdriver suitable for the car. These are the ones that we are using. They are with magnetic head with size 3mm. You will need 1 screwdriver for each car. 10-15 in the classroom should be enough.  


You will need the weights during the first class to put some weight on the car to experiment with it. Anything that is not more than 1 kg is great. This could a bottle of water, or some small boxes, or even in one of the academies the teacher used some candles that he found in the room. Pretty interesting.

Rope/Cable tie

We need to attach two of cars together and to see which car will drag the other. Long Cable ties are also fine. It needs to be at least 50 cm.


You will need a lot of them. Better to have rechargeable batteries.

Markers and Pens

You need a way to mark the cables when disassembling the car. We would use sticky markers and we must write with something on them. No picture included. Just markers and pens :)

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