Many Raspberry Pi(s) with the same name in a class of students. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

In a class of students, every Raspberry Pi that is started for the first time will be visible in the Bluetooth connections as "PerfectPi". This is inconvenient when you have a class of students. Students will not be able to tell if they've connected to their Raspberry Pi or to the controller of another student. 

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  • 19 Feb 2018

Leave them to figure out the problem themselves

As always, you should let them all start the phone and all of them to search for new Bluetooth devices and then all of them will see a number of different PerfectPi(s). They will start to ask questions like how and why. They will very soon understand that the names of all the controllers are the same and that they should change them.

Ask them if they know of a way to change the name of the controller

Probably some of them will figure it out. Probably some of them know it. Just ask them "How would you change the name". It is important for them to understand that this name is something that is written on the SD card. They must open the SD card, find the file on the SD Card where the name is written and change this name.

Lucky connection

A student could, by pure chance and luck, connect to his/her raspberry pi even though all the raspberries are with the same name. In a group of 10 students with 10 controllers, there is a 10% chance for this to happen. When a student connects he/she could change the name of the connection in the Bluetooth tab on the phone, but this change will be visible only to him and to nobody else. It will not be permenant for the controller. It will be just the connection renamed on the phone. 



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