Starting up the Raspberry Pi controllers in a group of students. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

You might have like 10 different Raspberry Pi controller and a lot of power banks. Here is what you should be careful about and what you should direct the students. 

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  • 01 Feb 2018

Check the power banks before the start of the class

I can not stress this enough. Always check the Power Banks are charged. Nothing ruins a class like a drained battery. The students just sit there and do nothing.

Play a game. Guess the source. For how long will the Raspberry Pi work with this Power Bank?

Play a little game with the students in this section. Discuss, that you need two different power sources for our work. But then ask them to find out what is the power consumption of the Raspberry Pi. Let them open a browser and search on the internet. What is the power consumption of the Raspberry Pi is the question?

Here is the question put in another way - For how long would the Raspberry Pi work if it is consuming a maximum power? And by how long we mean in terms of hours? 

What they should do is to check the capacity of the Power Bank and the Maximum consumption of the Raspberry Pi. If the Power Bank has a capacity of 6000mAh this means that it could provide a current of 6000mA which is 6A for about 1 hour. Or it could provide 3A for 2 hours. Or 1A for 6 hours. This means that if the Raspberry PI is consuming the maximum of 2A that the power bank could power it for 3 hours. Which is enough for one class.

Again, don't give the answers to the students. Let them try to guess them and calculate them. 

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