Teacher Notes: Be careful while students are following instructions to build a LEGO robot Pro Preview

What a teacher must look out for, while students are building a robot from instructions.

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  • 18 Jan 2017
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Left or right

Watch for students' errors - they usually get left-right mirroring positions or orientation of pieces wrong.
They also get the positions of pins in а beam wrong - whether it is the third or fourth hole of the beam. They could also put the pin in the right hole, but on the wrong side of the beam - left instead of right or front instead of back.

The role of the teacher

Don't correct the students at the very moment they make a mistake (unless you are on a very tight schedule).
Give them some time to notice the bad alignment on their own and help them correct it when they realize it.
The role of the teacher is to actively observe and to be aware of the current situation of each student.


“How do I assemble this” and “Have I done this right” Questions

Show your students that they have to orient their construction the same way it is shown on the image and that they have to compare what they hold to the image on the screen.


While the students are constructing the robot there are a couple of things from our experience that you should watch out as a teacher, as an instructor, as someone that is helping the students.

Watch the students while they are building the robots. Every robot that we provide instructions while they are following the PDF instructions sometimes they kind of mistake the direction of the brick, they kind of place it like this instead of like this. They can make a mistake with the alignment of the parts and the direction. A part could be placed like this when it should be actually placed like this. And it is also possible when you have a robot and you have this motor that's actually a mirror image of this motor and one of the motors must be a mirror image of the other motor. And what some of the students are doing is that they are building the same module with the motors. So, they are building identical modules not mirror not mirror modules. And that's also one of the interesting mistakes that students make. Your role as a teacher should be to observe the students to look at their constructions but don't rush to stop them when they make a mistake. Unless you are in a very very tight schedule but it is much more appropriate and it has a better learning value if you just leave them to make a mistake. And when they make a mistake these are kind of the same mistakes each time with each group. And when they make a mistake you can also discuss with them how they can fix this mistake and you can also help them actually fix the mistake. So, it's important don't rush to stop them and to fix the mistake immediately.

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