Precautions when building LEGO robots from PDF instructions Pro Preview

When you build from instructions there are a few things that you should be careful about.


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Position of the brick

Pay attention to the position of the brick. The display should be looking toward you.
The display is important when choosing and starting programs, and the side of the ports is important in order to choose optimal cable length and route.

Pay attention to parts orientation

L-shaped beams could be mistakenly put in a mirrored position.
Pins could also be put on the left or on the right side of a beam, and that makes a difference.

Pay attention to the size of parts and their positioning

Pay attention to the length of parts - 7 axle vs 5 axle.
Also pay attention to the position of the pieces - which side of a pin goes to which hole on a beam.


In a nutshell

Always make sure that what you have built in each step looks exactly like the picture you see in the instructions.


When you build the robot or basically every robot that we show you you follow a number of instructions. You follow a PDF document or other documents and you follow instructions. While following these instructions there are a couple of things that you should be careful about and in this video I'll stop at some of them.

First, every robot has this brick. And when you are using the brick it kind of looks symmetrical but you should be careful how you place the brick because in this way you would arrive at a different solution. And it's different if you have this robot looks like this with the display of the brick pointing forward and it will be a different robot if the display is placed like this. So you should always be careful of the direction of the brick. Next, in the set and in most of the robots you generally use beams that have angles. And you must be careful of the direction in which you put these beams. So you should follow strictly the instructions. And it's very different if you place the beam like this or if you place the beam like this.

In this way you will arrive at completely different robots and I'm mentioning this because we've seen a lot of students trying to follow the instructions and sometimes they just place the beam in the reverse way. So, be careful how you place your beams and follow the instructions correctly. It seems very very easy but it's not. When you have the beam and it's some kind of an angle beam you can see that it has a number of holes and in the PDF instructions you see this small pin and an instruction to put this small pin in one of the holes. And a common mistake is to just put the pin in another hole. And from this your construction will be wrong. You won't be able to follow the instructions correctly. So it's very important when you place your pin to place the pin in the correct hole. The second, the third, the fourth. You must count this from the PDF document. Also when you then place the beam with the part on the robot you must be very careful how you place it on the brick. Like this, on this side of the brick like this, on this side of the brick or like this or like this. There are so many different configurations that you can think of. You must follow the instructions correctly. In the robot most of the time you'll have these axles. And there are grey and black axles in the EV3 set. And there is a difference between these axles. When following the PDF instructions for building the robot next to the axle that is shown you'll see a small number. And this number is the length of the axle. An this number is like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. And it's interesting to mention what this length is. And if you take a beam like this and you can see that is has a number of holes. So actually the length of the axle is measured in the length of the holes that it takes on the beam. And this axle is with length 7. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And this axle is with a length of 5 holes. Like this. So, be careful to use the axles with the correct length.

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