EV3 Phi. Details about LEGO Mindstorms robot constructions

Overview of what is going to happen in module 3

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  • 22 Jan 2017
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Constructing with LEGO Mindstorms

In this module we will cover details about robot constructions such as the names of the most important LEGO parts and the common problems students face when building from PDF instructions.

Correct the mistakes

The task at the end of the module is to fix the intentional mistakes we have made in the EasyBot construction.


In this module we'll discuss some of the details about Lego robot constructions. It is very useful for example to know the name of most of the parts. And not only the brick, the motors and the wheels but also the axles, the bushes, the different beams. And we'll look at some of the names of the parts the most useful ones and the ones that we are going to use very often. Then we'll look at some of the common problems with building these robots especially when following instructions from PDFs. And at the end we'll leave you as a task to fix some of these common problems with our Easy Bot.

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