Methane Loops and Truck. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 Pro Preview

There are many loops in the FIRST LEGO League competition. In this video we collect some of them by following the idea of the ELM team. 

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  • 22 May 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

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This is the eight mission I think that we are looking at from the First Lego League 2015 Trash Trek competition. And it involves these methane loops. So, these are the methanes and these are actually loops. So, you must bring these loops to two places. First, in the factory and leave the loop here and then on the truck and leave the loop here. So, that's the mission. Let's see how the teams are doing it.

The way the team is accomplishing this mission is with an attachment. And we have our robot and for this robot we have our attachment. And it's an interesting attachment. It's somehow fragile but it includes very interesting idea on how you can drop both loops to different places at the same time. That's what I think is valuable for this attachment. So, we have one of the loops here. And we have the other loop here. So, we move with the robot and as we move as you can see they don't fall. So, we move with the robot and when we reach the position where we want them to be and on the field it's very interesting that this here is the truck, we place it right here

and we, of course, follow different lines and we know that we are on position and when we are on position we rotate one of the motors. And when we rotate one of the motors it will move this lever back. Let's see how we do this. We move the lever back

and the two loops fall. Let's see it again.

Second time, we have the two loops and then we move this lever back and they fall. And then we continue with the robot and we do some of the other missions. And the way we move this lever back is again with this motor that we have at the back. So, we can move the lever forward and backward. If you've solved this mission in any other way, just upload a video, add it in the comment section below, drop us an email or just reach out to us so that we can look at your solution and probably do a video about it.

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