Truck and its cargo. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 Pro Preview

Many teams have followed the same idea as the ELM team. To build a LEGO Mindstorms attachment for the robot and to lift the truck very lightly. In this way they could more the truck and place it in the special region. See what the ELM idea was. 

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  • 05 Jun 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

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The last mission that we'll look at in this series FIRST LEGO League 2015 Trash Treck is actually this mission with the truck. It's pretty interesting and kind of complex. So, let's discuss a solution and let's think of other ways to accomplish this mission.

So, when the team shared their solutions with us and we tried to run them for the truck it was not very stable as a solution. So, it worked quite a few times. So, we decided just to explain the idea and to leave it up to you to share your solutions so that we have a complete solution of this mission. Now, the goal of the mission is to somehow move this container after the end of this line, of this line of parts. And to also move the truck so that the truck can support the yellow container after the end of this line. You have this mission on two parts. The first part gives you, I think, 50 points and the second - 60. So, you can get a maximum number of points by somehow moving the truck and the container after this end of the line. But there is a problem because there is a small beam at the end of the line and when you are just pushing the truck what happens is that the truck moves over this part and it removes the container from the truck. And you cannot move the truck any further. I hope you can see it. It's a very nasty part here. And we must think of way to work around this, And what the team has thought about is just to lift the truck and move it on three wheels, not six wheels but on three wheels with an attachment. Then they just move and they move over this line. Let's see from another direction. They just move with an attachment, lift the truck so that it moves on three wheels, push it back and in this way they do not touch the end of this line here with the moving beam. But, of course, other solutions are also possible. This solution was not very stable. It worked a few times. So we decided not to record it. I'll be very happy if you share your solutions with us and all the users on FLL Casts. And we can do a video for your solution.

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