Introduction. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

In this series we will do a short demonstration on the FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 solutions by one of the teams. These are example solutions with good tips and tricks along with some interesting strategies and videos directly from the team

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  • 06 Apr 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

Learn more about the competition by visiting our FLL 2015 resource page


In the next couple of videos and in this series we'll take a look at the First Lego League Trash trek 2015 competition. It was a pretty interesting competition and we have solutions provided to us by the ELM Team from Bulgaria. And we'll take a look at these solutions. The whole competition is very interesting. And they have some interesting ways and interesting attachmnets to solve the competition. They've used our EV3 Competition robot. So, you can find instructions for building this robot below in the materials section below the video. And now, let's look in the next video of the different missions that the ELM Team has solved. And the attachments that they have used.

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