Scrap car and leaving the engine. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 Pro Preview

You can collect the car for scrap or repair it. The ELM teams decide to repair it. This requires them to place the engine in the car and it's very interesting to think about this problem.

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  • 15 May 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

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The next mission that we are looking at is the Scrap cars. And it's a very interesting mission. I'm not sure I can think of a similar mission from the past few years. So, let's take a look how you can solve this mission.

First, you have the car and then you have the engine. And you should place the engine in the car. And that's the goal of the mission. That is what you should achieve. Accomplish at the end. That is what the robot should accomplish. And it actually looks like an engine. So, the attachment built from the EML Team is actually working in the following way. It's this large attachment and this large attachment on it's left side has a coulpe of rubber bands. And they move with the robot, they move and they push on the car. And when they are pushing on the car the car starts moving forward until it reaches the border. Let's say that here is the border. So, they move with the robot and they reach the car and when they reach the car they push and while pushing what you'll see is that the whole attachment moves and it leaves the engine. And then they move back. And the engine is right here in the car. They're moving forward, they're pushing on the car and when the car reaches the border of the field, they push, they reach the border of the field and they leave the engine on the car. And they return back with the robot. And as you can see this lever here helps us for the attachment to not return in the initial position. So, if you have solved the mission in any other way just leave us a comment below with a video or a picture and we'll further look at your solution. Probably it's even more interesting. Let's also see how the team are doing this mission.

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