Parental instructions to prepare students for their first lesson in the Academy

You as a parent have registered your child to robotics classes. Now you have to make sure he/she can login on and open the first lesson of the course before the first class. If you have forgotten your password, we will help you reset it.

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  • 12 Jun 2019

Login Data

Students have their own user names and passwords. It is very important that they know their login data and have access to them. Students should be able to enter the system during classes and mark their progress. If necessary, they can write down their user name on a piece of paper or save them on their smartphone.

Our goal

Students should go through the lesson before they come to class. Thus, on their way to the Academy, they will be thinking of solutions to the robot challenges. When the teacher presents the new theory from the lesson, students will be hearing it for a second time and thus they will be more successful and more pleased with the results. They will have seen all the pictures included in the lesson and will know what kind of tasks they will have to cope with.

This is how a student gets access to the lessons in the respective level:

Explanation: You gain access to the website by entering your user name and password. You go to Dashboard, then choose Groups, then you choose the group you are enrolled in. There is contents under the group and you choose the course which will be taught in your class. When you access the course for the first time, you should press the yellow button Enroll in order to see the contents of the course from now on. Then, click on the first lesson and go through it.


We know this is yet another different system you have to learn to use. That is why we have provided two videos showing how to recover a lost or forgotten password and how to set a student’s password.

Have you forgotten the email you used to register?

Search your inboxes for emails sent from FLLCasts. This is the only thing you can do in that case.

Have you forgotten your password?

Go to the Login page and follow the link Forgot your password. Enter the email you have used to register your child. You will receive instructions on how to reset the password. Set a password the student will use during the classes.

Set the student’s user name and password

We highly recommend that the password you will set for your child’s account is different from the passwords you use for logging on to other websites. The next video shows how to reach the student’s profile page and how to set their user name and a password.

We recommend that you use the student’s initials and the year and month of starting the classes as the student’s user name.

For example, the user name of student John Martin Smith starting the course in June 2019 could be jsm1906.