Re-usability at FLLCasts. The cornerstone of the content creation.

A major goal of FLLCasts is to allow authors to reuse content. Reusing a content allows an author to focus on developing better content and then reuse this content in different course books and groups.

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  • 14 Nov 2018

Always plan for re-usability

Tutorials, Programs, Materials are the content. Courses (Course Books) and CourseSection (Lessons) are the structure of the content. But the same content could be structured in a different way and in different details depending on the group to which this content will be presented. 


The tutorials for "programming the robot to move forward" is developed once and then the same tutorial is used in the course book for young students where no difficult tasks are presented, while in the course books for older student the same tutorial is reused and additional more challenging tasks are presented.

Example 2: 

Building instructions for robot X could be used in lesson 1 of the course book and lesson 4. 

Build once, reuse many times.

Nonreusable content 

Sometimes authors need to develop content that will not be reused in other lessons and is there to glue Tutorial 1 to Tutorial 2 and say to students why this two Tutorials are presented in this order. 


The introduction to lesson 15 from course book 3 is unique. It can not and will not be reused. It is not a tutorial. The tutorial for finding the minimum value of an array could be used many times in many course books, but the specific into of what will happen in lesson 15 of course book 3 is specific to this lesson. 


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