Sending a message to the user when adding him to the subscription

When subscribing a user the platform is inspecting a few conditions and deciding what message should be send to the user.

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  • 27 Aug 2019
  1. What is the type of the user - It could be "user" or "owner". This will change the message by filling the value from the subscriptions Messages section
  2. Is the user that is being subscribed a new user or an already existing user in the platform.
    1. If the user does not have an account in the platform and we do not set the password for this user, then the message will contain a text explaining to the user that he must activate his account and set his own password.
    2. If the user already has an account in the platform or we are creating this account and setting the password for this account then no message for activation will be sent to the user. The account is already activate. 
  3. All the values in {{ }} brackets, will be replaced with the corresponding data before the message is send to the user.

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