SP036. 2019-03-14

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[Learn at Home 2.0] Programs for Comet and Radaford

New programs were added for the Radarford and Comet robot: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/programs/e3vg9p- https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/692hkz-comet-program

[Content Creation 2.0] If the course section is created with a Bulgarian title (while the site is open in Bulgarian), but viewed in English, the title is nil and it crashes

Now locales fall back to one another. For example, if there is a BG title, but there is no EN title, the BG title is used even when viewing the pages with an EN locale. The reverse was already true before.

Content now has a nil permalink if there is no EN title that the permalink can be generated from.

Content can no be created from a BG locale page.

[Content Creation 2.0] When a content picture is uploaded to content, thumbnail gets removed

The thumbnail picture is still there, but it is no longer marked as a thumbnail.

[IS, Performance]: Generate JSON Geometry directly on instructions build and store it on the server instead of obj and mtl files

This is currently implemented and we are delivering js files to the client. It was implemented long ago and this card is a left over.

[Bug, Media] Videos were not available.

We have all the files of previews and videos checked and avaialble. There were a lot of errors that are now resolved. Each video has a webm and m4v file for 360 and 720 dimension and a no dimension that is linked to 360p


[Curriculum 1.0] Пълен и картък член в българската версия са объркани на NRC 255

Fixed in the Bulgarian version

" банкера, касиерката, охранителя, големия клиент и адвоката му


банкерът, касиерката, охранителят, големият клиент и адвокатът му. "

[Thumbnail] Publish WatchTower robot

The WatchTower robot is published at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/717-watchtower-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-security-robot

Watch Tower Robot

[Curriculum] Add a myBlock Program about seismic sensor in lesson 2 in course 33

A seismograph program was added. https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/sn7aie-seismograph-program

[Learn at home 2.0] Add program for the Radarford robot

A new program was added for the Radarford robot: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/programs/e3vg9p-

[VEX Competition 2.0] Create a program for Manipulator on Truckie.

The program is uploaded at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/oyhjux-advanced-truckie-easy-to-drive-advanced-vex-iq-program-for-modkit

[VEX Competition 2.0] Add Manipulator to Truckie.

Material is uploaded at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/724-advanced-little-truckie-driving-class-test-robot-built-with-vex-iq

[VEX Competition 2.0] Create the first track for the driver to practice driving for VEX Driver Class License

The Trucks are published at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/719-vex-table-for-training-driver-skills and https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/720-vex-racing-table-for-training-driver-skills

[VEX Competition 2.0] Create an easier program for the driver to practice driving for VEX Driver Class License

The material is located at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/w2ahr4-truckie-easy-to-drive-vex-iq-program-for-modkit

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 4

Thumbnail for lesson 4 level D1

Created the fourth lesson in level D1.

The topic of the lesson is making a Kiwi bird robot to learn about Motor rotation sensor. The students have variant tasks for exploring the Kiwi's behaviour and its relation to human intervention and what the rotational sensor does and some more ways to use it. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 4 Aftermath

The fourth lesson of Level D1 is updated based on feedback from the held lessons.

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 3 Aftermath

The third lesson of Level D1 is updated based on feedback from the held lessons.

[Curriculum 1.0]: What is Result in math blocks

In lesson 3 Vault door in level 3.0 Security Systems we needed more explanation for the students how to use math block for basic algorithm. The tutorial is available at https://fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1148-using-series-of-math-blocks currently in Bulgarian.

[Curriculum 1.0] 3.0 Lesson 1 aftermath

updated result


Lesson 1 Smart security plates is finished after considering feedback from a few teachers that tested it. A better short overview of the programming was added. The lesson is part of the course Security systems


Lesson 1 Smart security plates is finished after considering feedback from a few teachers that tested it. It is part of the course Security systems

[Learn at Home 2.0] Establish the structure for course sections part of Version 2.0 or Robot a Day

  1. Trivia related to the robot
  2. Construction of the robot
  3. Download a program for the robot
  4. Some tasks to experiment or modify the program
  5. Advanced/Additional tasks.

[Curriculum 1.0] D1 Lesson 2 Aftermath

The second lesson of Level D1 is updated based on feedback from the held lessons.

Thumbnail for lesson 2 level D1 Fixed issues with the second lesson in level D1. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. link to the lesson

[Curriculum 1.0]: Create lesson 4 of 3.0

The initial lesson idea was split into two lessons. The final one is lesson 4 in level 3.0 - Security Systems.

It is in Bulgarian currently and needs to be translated.

A Watchtower robot was built for this lesson and will be reused in the next one. The programs for the lesson are in this material .

[Curriculum 1.0] Introduce a tag Algorithms

Tag introduces and available at


[IRT, Curriculum 1.0] Section variables : find closest object improvements

Section 8 Variables in the course Remote Instructors training is updated with a better-explained challenge of Finding closest object. Many small details were improved.

A new general use tutorial was created The challenge of finding the closest object around the robot.


[Infrastructure] Add a job for downloading a ready LDraw repo that could be used by all the content creators

Job developed and available at (internal hidden link)

[Content Creation 2.0, Bug] Updating content that has only Bulgarian title also sets the Bulgarian title to be the English title

Code in Sanitizer had to be improved, so that it handles translatable fields correctly and doesn't create false translations.

[Content Creation 2.0] Add a title field to the nonreusable_content

Nonreusable Content now has a normal title attribute that comes from the database, which makes it consistent with other content. The title method mock was removed.

[Groups 1.0, MGE 1.0, SoftwareScenarios] Move through Basic Software Scenario 2 at SP36

We have 17 things that we mush change and improve to prepare for recording tutorials for the MGE. These were listed, identified and we are currently working on them

  1. [Bug, Groups] I go to create a Groups and Create and organization and after the organization is created we are not returned back to the group. This happens when the Language is changed on the Redirect Page

  2. [I18n] On create a new group there are things that are not internationalized

  3. [Groups] There is an "Add new material' button on the groups page, but there should be "Assign content to group"

  4. [Groups, Assignments] There is no help for the assigned content on the group page

  5. [MGE] Emails texts are not clear for when adding student, instructor and coordinator. Should be possible to use Markup here. It is a good place to introduce it.

  6. [Bug, Assignments] On search for assigning content it is very difficult to find course C1. Probably should be able to search with "Course C1" or something or directly choose from the curriculum the specific course for this group. There could be a link here for the curriculum.

  7. [Bug, Assignments] I can not assign content to which I do not have access, or there is something else going on. I am trying to search for course 'Transportation'" in the assign content but nothing happens, because I am not enrolled in this course and can not find it.

  8. [Assignments, Bug] Sometimes when I search for a content to assign the tranlsation in bulgarian appears although I am in english. Screenshot attached.

  9. [Sessions] I was in an fllcasts.com/ session and went to teach at school page and there all the links with www.fllcasts.com I had to log in again. This has to change. I should stay logged in, no matter what. Probably redirect is a good option here.

  10. [Groups] On the page for creating groups I have two buttons on the bottom "Save Group" and "Създай група". Трябва да е само един

  11. [I18n] Roles are not i18n on the groups page -

  12. [MGE, i18n] After creating a MGE group and going to it from a private session - https://fllcasts.com/bg/groups/755 there are strings not internationalized.

  13. [MGE] "Запиши" трябва да е "Запиши се" на страницата за записване. Също това синьо на бутона и тотално различно от всичко друго на сайта. Според мен трябва да е жълто. - no card

  14. [MGE, i18n] Текстъп You have been successfully enrolled in the group трябва да е на български

  15. [MGE, Groups, Organizations, Bug] After enrolling in the group I see the breadcrumb "Lux 5i5 organization > 1903 Lux 5i5 Organization" and when I click on the "Lux 5i5 organization" I get an access denied. This should not happen. I should be able to see the organization and all the groups this organization has.

  16. [MGE, I18n] Когато натисна Register при MGE група виждам прозореца за регистрация на английски. Трябва да е на български.

  17. [MGE, i18n] Когато натиснах забравена парола и бях на български, получих мейл който е на английски за забравената парола.

  18. [MGE] When I make a mistake on the page MGE->Register->Create an account than the dialog stays up and can not be closed. Picture attached

  19. [MGE] The Page https://fllcasts.com/bg/users/745d9e85-d4ca-4cb1-a8b7-ec80447c257a/accounts/new is not translated

  20. [MGE] There is a captch on the create new account page. There should not be. We've already logged in. Why the captcha.

[Groups 1.0] Allow comments on groups enrollments from the coordinators

When going to the show groups page, there is a plus sign which you can click to add a comment about the user in the current group.

[Groups 1.0, Bug] When going to a groups for organization that you don't have access to, it shows that there are not groups

Added a message explaining why some groups are missing from the groups table.

[Bug, Groups 1.0] Creating users for the school they receive the wrong message without user name and password that is misleading

This is no longer valid as a problem, because users are confirmed on adding them to the group.


[VEX Competition 1.0, Pictures] Make picture for VEX tutorials.

The tutorials: https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1008-pesho-bot-chassis https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1028-pesho-bot-with-two-bars-lifting-mechanism

Have videos and images showing the process of uploading program to the VEX Brick.

[Curriculum 1.0, Picture] Create kiwi picture for D1 Lesson 4



[Curriculum 1.0, Picture] Create joking kiwi picture for D1 Lesson 4



[Curriculum 1.0,Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for the Comet Program 692hkz



[Curriculum 1.0, Thumbnail] Create a picture for the seismograph program sn7aie



[Curriculum 1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for the Radarford Program e3vg9p



[VEX Competition 2.0, Thumbnail] Make picture for VEX tutorial prgram at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/zmfw98-truckie-hard-to-drive-vex-iq-program-for-modkit



[VEX Competition 2.0, Thumbnail] Make picture for VEX tutorial program at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/w2ahr4-truckie-easy-to-drive-vex-iq-program-for-modkit/edit



[Thumbnail, Curriculum 1.0] Create thumbnail for material 721


Kiwi Robot

[Curriculum 1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for the WatchTower Robot Material 717



[Curriculum 1.0, Picture] Create picture showing the 3 states of the scorpion pincer



[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Add robot thumbnail to NRC in 3.0 Lesson 5

Added the picture of the watch tower to https://fllcasts.com/bg/nonreusable_contents/348-construction-requir

[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Create picture for introduction in D1 lesson 5



[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Add picture from vecteezy to 3.0 lesson 5



[Learn at Home 2.0, Picture] Create and add photo of the IR sensor and remote for tutorial 1146



[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Add picture to rotation sensor tutorial





[Learn at Home 2.0, Picture] Add pictures to the Formula One tutorial 1142




[VEX Competition 2.0, Thumbnail] Make picture for VEX robot and prgram at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/724-advanced-little-truckie-driving-class-test-robot-built-with-vex-iq and https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/oyhjux-advanced-truckie-easy-to-drive-advanced-vex-iq-program-for-modkit





[Curriculum 1.0, Pictures] Add pictures to the teacher notes of lesson 5 from 3.0





[Pictures, Curriculum 1.0] Add pictures to lesson 4 from course 3.0