Truckie - "Easy" To Drive VEX IQ Program for Modkit. Left stick steers. Right stick moves

With this program you can drive the Truckie or every robot with the same port settings. It is easy to drive with that set up because you use the left stick to control the speed and the right stick to steer. The benefit according to Truckie Hard To Drive VEX IQ Program for Modkit is that this set up uses both sticks to control the movement. Probably you will use this stick setting in the VEX competition and practicing this type of setting will be very useful for your driving skills to grow. Ones you have master this driving technic you will be more relaxed while you are on the competition.

After you feel satisfied with your driving skills and you have accomplished all the goals you can continue with the competition driving program settings.

This program is mainly for controlling Truckie VEX IQ robot.

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  • 15 Mar 2019

How does the Little Truckie robot work and how to setup it?

In this tutorial we would learn how to setup the Little Truckie robot. The robot is used in the FLLCasts Certified VEX IQ Driver Certification Path. Class R1 of the certification is based on this robot.

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