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Format the SD cards when conducting a class. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

In class, the students will have to burn an image on the sd card. What if there is already something on the SD card from the previous class?

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  • 19 Feb 2018


All the SD cards must be formatted. This could happen before the class, or after the class or during the class.

What is formatting?

In the process of formatting, the file system on the SD card is recreated. All the information is lost and the file system is created as brand new. 

Format after the class

After the students finish with burning the image and after they use this image in class you could ask them to format the card and to prepare it for the next class of students that would be using the same SD card. This gives you the opportunity to talk about formatting and to save time for the next class. The group burning the images on the cards is the one formatting the cards.

Format before the class

It might happen that the cards are already with images burn on them when the class starts. The group that is about to use the cards must format them. 

How to format with Windows

In a Windows operating system environment, you place the card, press right button, select from the context menu "Format" and press ok. After a few second the SD card will be ready to be used. 

Perfect Course SD Card Image with Raspbian OS

This is a disk image containing a Raspbian OS. The image is modified and set up specifically for the Perfect course. It contains all the needed files, libraries and additional tools that we would use in the course. The file is quite large so be prepared to wait some time while downloading.

Checksum: 4d85292f49a9350fcef9f2eb8fd86b77f1c6bd65ce1344848de3e201c9e1d20d

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