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How to use the Perfect STEM Course with a group of Students. Teacher's note Pro Preview

The first Module of the Perfect STEM Course is designed to be used both at home and with a class of students. As a teacher, you could have a group that works together as a group. Here is what you should know. 

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  • 01 Feb 2018

Groups of two or working alone?

Always try to have a group of two students working together. Even if they are working on different cars and with different hardware, they are working together and helping each other and could discuss the problems. 

Students buy the hardware

Students could buy the hardware. That is the preferable way to conduct the course. Each student has his/her own hardware and a car and they've bought it in advance and they work with it. 

If this is not possible here is what you should do:

  1. You and your academy buy the hardware in advance. Students participate in the course and work with the hardware and at the end, the hardware should be reused. Everything except the car and some of the cables could be reused. The Raspberry PI, the Powerbank, the SD Card. Everything could be reused. But the car cannot be reused. You could spend 1 class at the end of the course trying to restore the cars to the initial state where they work with the remote control and then the students could buy the cars. 

Students work alone and you give the direction

As with all our courses, the Teacher is there to motivate and give directions. Students should learn to move as a small team of two through the course, read the materials, watch the videos, explore the programs and complete the tasks. You should validate that the tasks are completed and try to answer any meaningful questions if they arise.   

Discuss structure of the course with the students

Before starting the course discuss the structure of the course with the students. Make them familiar with the end goal. Try to show and explain it to them. What would be the end result of the course? What would they have at the end? What's in it for them? Try to answer this questions. The answers are in the course and will be presented to the students in the introduction, but your goal should be to discuss with them what have they understood from the introduction and what do they think about the goals of the course. Try to summarize this feedback and return it to us. 

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