VEX IQ Crossover. Teacher's Note. Attachment for grabbing, built with gear wheels and belts Pro Preview


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  • 23 Aug 2017
  • 2:27


A note for the teacher about this kind of complex attachment that the students will spend more time at. Why are we doing this attachment? It's a complex attachment and it has a lot of gear wheels and belts in it and there's a lot that could be learned from this attachment, from the way the motion is transfered from the motor to the different sides of the two parts of the attachment. That's something that would be very useful in building more complex attachments in some of the other competitions. So, our goal is to experiment and to build this attachment, to learn about gear wheels and belts. Probably they know a lot already but it's always a nice exercise to build a more complex attachment. The other thing is that this attachment has this alignment problem where the wheels and the black squares here should be aligned and for students to come up with easier attachment is important that they see the difficulty of using this alignment because it is very difficult to align the whole attachment. And you should try to encourage them but be prepared that it is a very discouraging process because it is difficult. And it might take some time. I really like the process because it will involve a few hands and a lot of discussions in the whole group of how exactly to align them and probably they'll come up with easier solutions when they spend a lot of time on this attachment. How much time should you spend on this attachment after building? No more than an hour or even half an hour on aligning and trying to make this attachment work. Then at the end try to draw some conclusions depending on how many of the teams were able to build it and to align it and was it better and was it working in a better way than the previous rack attachment that was much more simpler?