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VEX IQ Crossover. Teacher Note. Group attachments for grabbing a hex ball Pro Preview

  • #530
  • 31 May 2017
  • 2:10


A note for the teacher when implementing the VEX IQ Crossover Course and when working on the part of the course where the students should build an attachment that grabs the Hexballs.

Initially when we started working on the VEX IQ Crossover Competition what we did is gathered the students in the group, then discussed the rules, discussed the way we would take different points from the field and at the end we stopped at a single mission. This single mission is the Hexball. Then our first task as in this course and as in the classes that we do was to think of an attachment that could actually grab this Hexball. So, this was the first task to the students. Think of an attachment that could grab this Hexball. After you've tried a few attachments for grabbing and they could come up with different ways for grabbing this hexball, then it is time to continue to moving and probably leaving these Hexballs on the Goal Assembly. But the first task is to try to direct the students to start with just grabbing. And you can give them 20-30 minutes even an hour to come up with different solutions. And if they come up with one solution like this, they should think of a second solution. And they should come up with a stable solution. The example that we are giving is something that you can use as a fallback initially and it is a part of the course so that after they've tried to build their own attachment they could look at ours attachment, build it also and then you have two types of attachments - one that they've come up with and the one that we provide. And then we can discuss the benefits of each of the attachments.