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Box Robot Two. Conclusion on the attachments Pro Preview

Recap on the attachments, their purpose and how you should use them. 

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  • 30 Mar 2017
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A few words as a conclusion on the attachments for our Box Robot 2. With the second version of the Box Robot we have a stable base and we can extend this base. We have a number of axles to the front and a number of gear wheels and we can add a frame on the robot and add this frame as a pinless frame. First, on the frame we have one attachment that extends the axle from the front of the robot if we need to probably for a certain mission you can see that this one here rotates. We can also add different attachments to the frame and in this way even though the attachments are not pinless the whole frame is pinless and this makes the attachment pinless. Because we can just remove the frame and add the frame again to the robot. We can also add another attachment to our robot like this. And have two attachments on the same frame and then add these two attachments to the robot. Now, it depends on the mission. Our goal is not to solve specific missions with this attachment but to show you how you can transfer the motion from the wheels that are on the inside of the robot to some axles that are outside of the robot. So, we have an axle here, we have an axle here, we have an axle right here. So, these are all different examples of how you can extend the system of gears and the system of axles of the robot to another axle and then attach something to this axle and then solve the missions. Try to build them. Try to experiment with them. Try to solve a number of your specific tasks you might be working on different competitions and then do not forget to send us videos and pictures of the attachments that you've built.

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