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Box Robot Two. Use of the three LEGO Mindstorms EV3 motors. Pro Preview

With the EV3 Mindstorms set you receive three motors. Two are large and one is medium. These three motors could be used in different configurations and in this video we show how to use the motors on the second box robot for competitions that we build. 

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  • 20 Nov 2016
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We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. (this will require a course subscription)


In this video we'll discuss how do we add the different motors to the Box Robot what are the different motors and how do we use them.

This Box Robot has two motors that are responsible for driving the robot and one medium motor that is responsible for the different attachments. So, we have overall three motors and this is very convenient because three motors come with the Lego Mindstrorms EV3 robotic set. So, this is probably what you'll have if you have just bought the set. And you have two motors here that are for moving and one that is for an attachment. Another interesting point is that this robot is different from other robots in the following way. Most of the robots at different competitions especially Box Robots they place the motors at the front of the robots so that the motors they pull on robot and the robot follows. This robot has a different idea. The motors are placed in a way that they push on the robot. If we consider this to be the front of the robot, the robot will push. So, the motors are actually at the back of the robot. So, at the front you must place these two steel balls and it's important that you have two. Again, buy such balls and we've discussed this in previous videos where you can buy them. And you can also if you have different sets like 2 or 3 sets you can just reuse them but it's important to have the balls. There are also ways that you can skip the balls and you can add other attachments here but I should probably direct you below the video in the description where you can find such resources. Again, interesting you have the motors. These motors push on the robot and you have the two steel balls at the front. And in this way you achieve the balance. Now, this makes it quite interesting when you program it because it's not the same as when you have the motors pull on the robot. It can get quite different at a certain very specific line following programs or aligning programs but again, we've built many different resources for this so, you should have no problem implementing it.

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