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Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Lift your robot with 40 teeth gear wheels.

Build a similar mechanism to this one. Similar, but for your robot. This is the task for you. Try, give yourself half and hour or even an hour.

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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Why lifting in this way

You may be successful in lifting the robot in this way, you may not. But this is not the real task here. Because this mechanism is showing a very useful principle of using the gear wheels and the goal of the task is to experiment with them.

Legs on both sides

Build legs for both sides of the robot. Build the symmetrical.

Transfer power from the motor

Try to somehow transfer power from the motor to the attachment. This is where the real challenge is. It will involve many axles, gear wheels, and systems of gears, but at the end, you should have the gears on both sides of the robot working and controlled by one of the motors. Do not be afraid to make a "mistake". There are no mistakes. 


Here is the task that could greatly help you improve your FIRST LEGO League robot game score. Look at this attachment and this mechanism, this system of gears and build a similar one for the left side and similar one for the right side of the robot. Then somehow try to transfer power from the motor to these two axles. You'll have one axle at the right and one axle at the left side of the robot. And then try to rotate them to see what will happen. If the two legs are very long, you'll need to have more torque, more power from the motor. If they are not that long, you won't be able to lift the robot. How many Lego units do you need to lift the robot? If the robot should go up, how many Lego units do you need because right here if you have a very long beam like a 15 holes beam, probably it will manage to lift the robot to about 10 holes but then it will require much more power and this is something that could work or could not work. Try, experiment, attach two of these to each side of the robot, give them power from the motor and try to lift the robot.

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