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Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Attach the robot at an end position when lifted

What is the end result? - have the attached on the mission model. What is the mechanism the would make the robot hang on the mission model.

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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As an end result

Start solving the problem from the end result. At the end, the robot should hang. There should be some kind of an attachment to allow the robot to hang. This is what you should start from.


As an end result we must have the robot lift itself and attach to the mission model. So, first thing you should try to do and this is your task: try to think of a way to build some kind of a frame or some kind of attachments that you can lift the robot by hand, place it on the mission model and it will stay there. What will be the mechanism that actually attaches the robot to the mission model? How exactly would it look like? Think of this. And where would you attach this? How would it look like? It will be probably something like a hook. Try to think of a way to attach the robot to the mission model lifting it by hand and just placing and it should stay there.

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