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EV3 Phi. Task for implementing the greet a stranger module

Overview of the big task that we want to achieve in this module.

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  • 21 Apr 2017
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No face and no mouth

Although the robot has no face, it can display smile, happy eyes and more on the display.
Although the robot has no mouth, it can play sound files and say greetings or imitate animal sounds.

The task to greet a stranger

Approach a stranger, smile and greet it with a voice.
Try it yourself before continuing with the next video.


Our robot does not have a face. Yes, it has a display. And we can use this display to display some kind of an emotion. So, we don't have hands, we don't have a face, we don't have a body that we can move but we have a display. The task for this module is to use the display to display a face, to display some kind of a greeting. And to also move with the robot approach a 'stranger', something that we'll call 'the stranger'. And then greet this stranger with a voice. Of course it's not a real voice but it'll be some kind of a beep. So, these are two of the things that the robot can do. We can display things on the display and we can do some sounds with the robot. Try them with the software. Explore the palette of the EV3 g. And try to find the blocks for displaying something and for making a sound. Then we'll continue with actually describing these blocks.

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