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FLL 2023: MOVIE SET M09 FIRST LEGO League 2023-2024 MASTERPIECE Challenge

Pulleys, gears, and levers are some of the mechanical technologies used to move props to create the special effects for a movie.

Act out the scene by pulling the boat model along.

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  • 27 Aug 2023

Video rules

Youtube video for M09 Movie Set


  • If the boat is touching the mat and is completely past the black scene line: 10
  • If the camera is touching the mat and is at least partly in the camera target area: 10

The camera includes the loop, but not the string.

When scoring, the scene line extends vertically from the top to the bottom of the field.

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FLLCasts Tip

This mission could be accomplished while accomplishing Mission 08 Rolling Camera.

In Mission 09 Movie Set, the robot should drop an attachment that has an axle in the orange loop and pull this loop until the boat passes the black scene line.

Then the robot should push the loop to the camera target area.

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