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FLL 2023: ROLLING CAMERA M08 FIRST LEGO League 2023-2024 MASTERPIECE Challenge

Getting a camera into exactly the right position to capture a shot requires a lot of precise movement and great communication with the actors.

Release the camera down the track to shoot the movie scene.

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  • 22 Aug 2023

Video rules

Youtube video for M08 Rolling Camera


  • If the rolling camera’s white pointer is left of dark blue, but right of medium and light blue: 10
  • If the rolling camera’s white pointer is left of dark and medium blue, but right of light blue: 20
  • If the rolling camera’s white pointer is left of dark, medium, and light blue: 30

If the white pointer is on a colored tile, you earn points for the higher scoring area of the track.

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FLLCasts Tip

It might be good to solve this mission in two runs. You should lift the orange barrier in the first run by pushing its lever. In some of the next runs, the robot should press the lever to pull the mission model or use a long beam attached to the front of the robot.

The advantage of using a long beam to release the camera is that this is a controlled action. Thus, you can adjust the force of releasing so that the camera moves to exactly the right place on the rails.

If you pull the lever, the camera moves too fast and it might reach the end of the rails and return further than desired. In this case, the robot should pull the camera to the desired position.

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