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FLL 2021: Deliver and Drop precisely - How to accomplish the Cargo Connect mission Pro Preview

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate a reusable attachment. It is the same attachment we've previously used for two other missions. Sometimes we can build such attachments - one attachment that can complete several missions. Yes, the mission is similar - it is Load Cargo, but we are loading the cargo in different places on the field, and that's important.

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  • 18 Apr 2023
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In this video tutorial we demonstrate an attachment that's reusable. Where we have to place these cargo objects in this circle. But we also can place these cargo objects on the train. And there are a couple of other. Places in the FIRST LEGO League cargo connect competition where we can place these cargo objects. The goal of our tutorial is to. Demonstrate an attachment that's reusable. The same attachment could be reused for different missions. It's a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot. Let's see how it works with the robot. We've somehow reached the mission and have this attachment. Let's look at the attachment. Attachment with neat trick. It's an attachment connected to both motors. Yes, we can connect them to both motors only to one of the motors. We decided to connect it to two of the motors. We load the attachment with cargo objects and then we move. We move on the field and we reach the mission model. We are line, we follow lines. Somehow we get to the mission model. Once we are here at the mission. Model, what we can do is we can move forward and we can drop.

Move forward. Drop the two cargo objects. This is the same attachment with the same program for the train. Check out the previous tutorials. It's the same thing. We completely reuse the same program in the same attachment with the same robot. For a different mission. Reusable attachment. Sometimes we can build such attachments. Let's try it again. Move forward, drop. We are not going to enter into. The programming because it's quite simple and I'll see you in the next tutorial.

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