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WRO Junior-High 2015. Treasure Hunt. Part 1. Collecting boxes.

Moving in a grid of objects. That's the large challenge of the World Robotics Olympiad 2015 Junior-High 2015. In this video we would build a robot that can collect the boxes (treasures). The robot would also be able to move around the treasures. 

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  • 20 Mar 2016
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WRO Box Collecting Robot

Building instructions for this LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot used in the World Robotics Olympiad Junior competition


- Today we will start working on the World Robotics Olympiad 2015 Junior High competition that's called The Treasure Hunt. We have our robot and the competition is pretty interesting. You can check below in the links for the rules. And in today's video we will start collecting these treasures with our robot.

The rules of the competition are very interesting. Again, check out the materials below. And they are the following: you have different treasures on the field and they're in a grid. So you move with the robot, you detect a treasure. Then you collect this treasure and you detect the color of this treasure which in this case is red. And below the treasure there is a piece of paper which has another color. And you detect the other color and you now have two colors. The first color gives you the row, the second color gives you the column where the next treasure is. And then you collect this treasure and you move and you search on the field for the next treasure. And then you collect the next treasure probably the blue one. And in this way you collect all the treasures. In the next video we'll show you the field but in today's video we will just stop on how do we collect the treasures. What is our construction and how does it work? We've decided to use a robot that's very similar to the one given as an example from the organizers of the World Robotics Olympiad 2015. And it's a small robot. It consists... At least in our construction it consists with two motors that power the robot and one medium motor at the front of the robot. And this medium motor powers a special mechanism that's designed to collect different treasures. It has a medium motor and it's connected to an axle to gear wheels right here and we have two more gear wheels at both of the sides. And we rotate a mechanism with which we collect the different treasures. How does it work? You can see the medium motor rotating and from there powering the construction, the attachment. And if I now take a treasure I could see that this treasure gets collected. And we must collect, I think, four treasures. So inside of the robot... Or five, five. We can check in the links below in the rules. And if we collect a treasure we must keep the treasure somewhere and we keep them in a container. This container is inside of our robot. Again, one more treasure. And I think I had one more here. And we now have five treasures inside of our robot. This is our design. It's pretty interesting. We have the sensors at the front of the robot, but we will use the sensors to actually detect the different colors and the treasures on the field. After we've collected, it's an interesting question how do we release the different treasures so we can start our program again. And it will be pretty difficult to dissemble this robot each time we collect treasures so we came up with a solution where below the robot we have a small door. And we open this door with two of the red pins. Let me just rotate so you can see it on the camera. And if I now remove these two red pins, this one here and this one here, and I can have the door open. And from there I can release the treasures. One, two, three, four. All the treasures. And then we close the door. It's again, closed by two of the red pins. You can find the instructions for building this robot below in the material sections. And it will be interesting again to show this robot works when the treasures are placed on the field. So let's say they are placed again... They're not exactly like this but, you know, for you to view them on the camera. Let's say that these are the treasures. And if I now start our program, the robot will just move forward and collect all of the treasures.

In the next video we'll look at how do we use the sensors to detect where the treasures are and how do we use the color sensor to detect the color of these treasures.

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